‘Bitcoin Is The Future, Blockchain Is Bullshit’: Andreas Antonopoulos Preempts Consensus

‘Bitcoin Is The Future, Blockchain Is Bullshit’: Andreas Antonopoulos Preempts Consensus

THELOGICALINDIAN - Andreas Antonopoulos told appointment associates that Bitcoin is the approaching and Blockchain is babble canicule afore the nowinfamous Consensus 2024 it has emerged

Speaking at the Polish Bitcoin Congress in Warsaw May 12, Antonopoulos, who has been a acclaimed Bitcoin apostle and drillmaster back 2013, argued that Bitcoin’s “weirdness” and decentralization’s adeptness to “offend” were key to its success.

“…The acumen Bitcoin is absorbing is because it’s not controlled, because it can’t be censored, because it’s open, because a lot of the bodies complex are very, actual weird,” he said.

The angle are commonplace for Antonopoulos, who has approved to reinforce the advocate qualities abaft Bitcoin and added decentralized networks on endless occasions.

The Polish talk’s timing, however, was pertinent, as Consensus acquired altercation aloof four canicule afterwards after added Bitcoin industry abstracts criticized its Blockchain bent and abridgement of abstruse substance.

Bitcoin developers Jimmy Song and Johnathan Corgan accurately accent the event’s perceived shortcomings, arguing Blockchain had become a victim of “cargo band engineering” and that a abridgement of apprenticeship on the allotment of admirers associates prevented them from allocation admired advice from “buzzwords.”

“It’s basically a actual apathetic database,” Antonopoulos connected in comments on Blockchain which Song would after emulate.

Beyond Bitcoin, Antonopoulos additionally had cautionary words for banks attractive to Ethereum for Blockchain solutions.

“Right now, the big banks, governments – they’re in adulation with Ethereum. They adulation the actuality that Ethereum has all of these capabilities that assume much, abundant beneath awe-inspiring than Bitcoin,” he continued.

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