Developer Reveals Token Reward Platform Fueled by Bitcoin Cash

Developer Reveals Token Reward Platform Fueled by Bitcoin Cash

THELOGICALINDIAN - Theres a new crypto belvedere alleged Honeypoints that aloof appear for beta testing on Apples Testflight The agenda bill appliance created by two above Bitcoincom advisers aims to ammunition merchant accepting with adherence rewards The Honeypoints app is meant to activate retail accepting by advantageous barter with different crypto tokens back they accomplish a acquirement or appearance loyalty

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Honeypoints: An SLP Token Reward Platform Built on the Bitcoin Cash Network

Last anniversary at the Try Swift appointment in New York, above software architect Jean-Baptiste Dominguez apparent a new crypto-based rewards appliance powered by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) alternation alleged Honeypoints. The latest SLP activity was additionally advised by’s above developer Alfonso Rocha, and both cofounders aim to “make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone.” The new appliance is currently in beta for iOS accessories and the Honeypoints aggregation affairs to barrage common on Sep. 30. Basically, the Honeypoints belvedere acts as a crypto wallet that allows users to abundance BCH and Simple Ledger Agreement (SLP) tokens. But the application’s capital affection allows anyone to assemble a adherence affairs that rewards advocacy with SLP badge rewards. At the Try Swift conference, attendees got their aboriginal glimpse of the able SLP agreement accumulated with BCH and Dominguez told the admirers how retailers and brands can actualize Honeypoint accolade programs.

“We empower businesses and individuals to absorb their barter through a crypto-currency accolade badge — Coming soon,” the website reads.

Developer Reveals Token Reward Platform Fueled by Bitcoin Cash

After creating a custom Honeypoints agenda arrangement merchants can accolade crypto tokens to barter who accomplish purchases in-store or online. Retailers and brands could additionally accolade assemblage who allotment amusing media posts on Twitter, handle a defined task, and alike be adored for artlessly visiting a website. Dominguez and the Honeypoints aggregation hopes to see the SLP badge arrangement complete abundantly with tokenization bringing the aforementioned amount to the table as it did with Ethereum. While demonstrating the new platform, Dominguez told the Try Swift attendees that “you don’t charge a development aggregation to accept your enterprise-grade arrangement for your best loyal customers.” The software architect added:

Testing Honeypoints Beta Version

Using the Honeypoints appliance is automatic for anyone who has acclimated a crypto wallet before, but it’s additionally simple abundant for crypto newcomers as well. The wallet ancillary of the app can abundance accelerate and accept BCH, alongside the adeptness to abundance SLP tokens in a noncustodial fashion. Honeypoints uses a four-digit PIN to defended the wallet and a catchword berry byword for advancement and apology purposes. The PIN is bare if you appetite to admission the mnemonic’s 12-words and admit a wallet apology action as well. Appropriate now, the beta wallet shows you balances in BCH and SLP tokens and additionally lets you acquirement BCH for gas. If addition about sends you a badge to your Honeypoints wallet, you can accept if you appetite to add it to the wallet’s antithesis or not. On the basal appropriate there’s a ambit figure that says Discovery which shows how bodies can acquire accolade tokens by tweeting article from their Twitter annual or administration addition task. For instance, on the Honeypoints beta version, there’s a “Spice Must Flow” assignment accessible and if you allotment a meme from the Spicefeed on Twitter you get 200 spice.

The beta adaptation additionally gives you the adeptness to coin a new SLP badge from the wallet interface by acute the “Create token” tab. You can adapt the SLP token’s name, ticker, quantity, cardinal of decimals, binding a certificate URL, and accept if the minting billy will be alive or not. Just like the blow of the SLP applications out in the agrarian today, a baby atom of BCH (gas) is bare to actualize tokens and accelerate them as well. The Honeypoints beta absolution from Apple’s Testflight additionally allows users to toggle amid the BCH livenet and testnet.

‘Bitcoin Cash Development and Awareness Is at an All-Time High’

The SLP ecosystem has become actual accepted back the summer of 2018 and there’s a whole universe of account and badge projects in the making. There accept been bags of SLP tokens created onchain and developers accept alike ample out how to actualize nonfungible SLP tokens and pay BCH allotment payments to badge holders. At the Try Swift accident in New York, Dominguez apparent the allowances of SLP tokens fueled by the BCH alternation to a all-around audience.

The Honeypoints founders accept the affirmation has apparent attendees a real-world use case that leverages cryptocurrency solutions. The Honeypoints engineers explained in a columnist absolution on Sep. 12 that the aggregation chose BCH because it’s “20X cheaper” than application badge systems that axis from Ethereum. “Recent tests of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain additionally accepted that it can handle added affairs than Ethereum while befitting its costs low,” the columnist absolution highlights. Moreover, the startup emphasized that a Honeypoints badge rewards arrangement is friendlier to the ambiance than creating cardboard rewards programs.

Seeing the SLP arrangement complete significantly, and afterwards the Bitcoin Cash City appointment in North Queensland, Australia, the Honeypoints creators Dominguez and Rocha accept “Bitcoin Cash development and acquaintance is at an all time high.” To them, it’s the absolute time to barrage the crypto rewards belvedere and the aggregation is currently onboarding their aboriginal retailers and brands via the Honeypoints beta Telegram group. You can chase the Tokyo-based startup’s Twitter page for accessible announcements on back the appliance launches at the end of the month. SLP platforms are actualization larboard and appropriate these days, and the rewards arrangement is addition badge activity congenital application the BCH alternation in a different manner.

What do you anticipate about the Honeypoints application? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about this appliance in the comments area below.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Honeypoints, Pixabay, and Twitter.

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