Misleading Twitter Account @Bitcoin Banned (Again)

Misleading Twitter Account @Bitcoin Banned (Again)

THELOGICALINDIAN - Once afresh the ambiguous Twitter annual Bitcoin has been banned from the amusing media platform

The carefully ambiguous Twitter annual @Bitcoin has already afresh been penalized by the accepted amusing media arrangement — this time, in the anatomy of a suspension.

Users on Twitter may address accounts for, amid added things, tweeting spam and/or assuming to be addition abroad — both of which one may altercate @Bitcoin is accusable of. Thus, one may assume these are the overarching affidavit for the account’s ban.

For those who are unaware, the @Bitcoin annual absolutely has annihilation to do with Bitcoin (BTC), the ascendant cryptocurrency by bazaar capitalization. Rather, the annual commandeers Bitcoin’s apparent cast while pumping out anti-BTC advertising and shilling the best admired cryptocurrency’s largely-unwanted step-brother, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As noted by Badbitcoin.org:

@Bitcoin is belled for pumping out Bitcoin Cash advertising while declining to abide aboveboard cellophane about the actuality that the annual is absolutely run by declared BCH shills.

Bitcoin Cash

In March, Bitcoinist appear on @Bitcoin’s propaganda-laced amusing media poll that blew up in the account’s face. Asked the intentionally-misleading account:

Bitcoin (BTC) accepted to be the cutting favorite, admitting the BCH scammers’ best efforts to attenuate the ascendant cryptocurrency. At the time of that story’s publication, 74% of the total 17,437 votes adopted the absolute Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) — not absolutely the after-effects @Bitcoin was activity for.

Today’s abeyance of @Bitcoin is not the aboriginal time the arguable annual has accustomed punishments from Twitter. The amusing media website ahead belted the annual alone canicule afore the above poll.

At columnist time, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently trading at $647.11, while continuing to lose arena back compared to Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin Cash’s abatement in amount is abundantly actuality apprenticed by its abridgement of utility, with increased SegWit adoption and Lightning Network advancements apprehension BCH more unimportant.

What do you anticipate about @Bitcoin actuality abeyant on Twitter? Do you anticipate the annual abandoned the amusing media website’s rules? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

Images address of Bitcoinist archives, Twitter/@SatoshiLite, Twitter/@WhalePanda, and Pixabay.