See Dick. See Dick Call Bitcoin a Pyramid Scheme. Wrong, Dick. Wrong.
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See Dick. See Dick Call Bitcoin a Pyramid Scheme. Wrong, Dick. Wrong.

THELOGICALINDIAN - In an account with CNBC beforehand Tuesday above Wells Fargo CEO Richard Dick Kovacevich denounced Bitcoin as a pyramid scheme

First, it was economist Robert Schiller calling Bitcoin a “bubble”. Then JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon added his pontificating assessment to the mix, labeling it a “fraud.” Now it looks like Wall Street talking active are acceleration bottomward on the stupid.

Yesterday, in an account on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, above Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovacevich arresting Bitcoin a pyramid scheme:

To digest a adduce from one of my admired movies, Mr. Kovacevich, you accumulate application that chat (pyramid scheme). I do not anticipate it agency what you anticipate it means.

Bitcoin is not a pyramid scheme

Investopedia defines a pyramid scheme as:

It additionally addendum that pyramid schemes are fraudulent because:

Here’s area the auto appear off of Kovacevich’s argument:

1. Bitcoin is not based on recruiting. There is no funnel, no downline, no distinct fat cat at the top accepting affluent off of percentages of the investments of bodies beneath him or her.

2. Aboriginal Bitcoin investors, who could arguably be advised to be at the top of the advance aliment chain, aren’t acumen profits from the funds of investors who came afterwards them. Any profits accomplished appear from acceptable advance strategies of aboriginal adoption, alive back to authority and back to get out, and affairs low and affairs high.

3. When an broker buys bitcoin, they are accomplishing one of two things:

Neither of these two use cases meets the analogue of a pyramid scheme. In the former, article is actuality purchased, and in the latter, an advance is actuality made.

Cryptocurrency is a new banking beastly that doesn’t behave like annihilation that acceptable accounts experts accept apparent before. They don’t accept cryptocurrency, so rather than accomplish an attack to brainwash themselves, they criticize and accuse it out of hand. It doesn’t accomplish faculty to them, so naturally, it charge be a fraud.

If you watch the video blow below, you can apprehend the abashing and aggravation back Kovacevich declares:

Even Warren Buffett, a fable in banking circles and articulate Bitcoin critic, admits his abridgement of understanding:

Personally, I anticipate that a faculty of elitism and abhorrence of accident ascendancy are additionally at comedy to some degree. One of the greatest things about cryptocurrency is that it is accessible to anybody and controlled by no one. You don’t accept to be affluent to get into crypto and everybody has an according adventitious of profiting (or losing) from their investments. It’s the abundant blaster and I anticipate it bugs the hell out of some of these guys that crypto advance lets “just anybody” in.

The moral of the story? Educate yourselves, be accessible to new ideas, and don’t be a Dick.

What do you anticipate of Kovacevich’s claims? Why do *you* anticipate so abounding boilerplate banking experts are analytical of Bitcoin? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

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