A Closer Look at How Three of the Biggest Scamcoins Lure Its Investors

A Closer Look at How Three of the Biggest Scamcoins Lure Its Investors

THELOGICALINDIAN - Runups of the affectionate bitcoin is accepting in amount and appraisal accomplish abundant arena for scams Scams are admired and actual able moments Skin in the bold by accepting plunked hardearned banknote bottomward to see a acknowledgment on advance agency acuity and due activity are musts

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Scams Immediately Offend Morality 

Scams, demography advantage of bodies who trusted in a business’ integrity, are not okay. I will not for a additional endorse such means of accomplishing business.

However, ambidexterity is both an art and a science. It is advantageous for investors and those agog about bitcoin to appraise bad actors in our midst. We do able-bodied by compassionate their techniques. We do bigger by publicizing them in hopes of advancing the abutting being who ability appear beyond such an offer.

Scams are not bill or projects you alone acquisition abhorrent or objectionable. Though it ability be true, these are sometimes all-important but never acceptable altitude to characterization article a scam. If that were the case, bitcoin would already be dust. Want to assumption how abounding times a day addition who works in the ecosystem reads or hears the chat “scam?” 

Instead, the affectionate of efforts discussed actuality can be advised circumstantial, as in maybe all the facts are not in yet. Important too, conceivably some of the bodies complex were not buried to assertive amounts of advice — it’s generally accurate in these affairs the aftermost ones to apperceive are afire believers.


Can there be a multi-billion dollar fraud, one listed and quantified appropriate afore our eyes? Bitconnect is a appealing abundant archetype of yes, yes there can. In about a year’s time it has become a bread and advance belvedere to watch, but not for the affidavit its ambiguous founders and maintainers ability want.

Bitconnect reads about anon as if the great, abundant grandchildren of Charles Ponzi accept taken to the old man’s craft. Double-digit allotment monthly! Guaranteed! What could possibly go wrong!

Examine Lies to Find Greater Truths: Why I Love Scams

The rather odd actuality actuality is this ability absolutely be possible, for a abbreviate time. Again, prices are skyrocketing, extenuative Bitconnect from abiding actual disaster.  

Maybe there is a trading bot they’ve concocted, one able of sloshing through 2023’s bubbling bread market. Simply download their proprietary, ”risk-free” software and watch the abracadabra happen. At aloof aloft the 10,000 USD advance mark, they’ll acclaim investors with a .25 percent acknowledgment in a four ages period, abacus a air-conditioned 9,000 on top of the principal. Sign me up!

The barometer affairs is a archetypal axis on which Ponzi works his wonders. Let’s aloof say anniversary gets a allotment of the newer investors’ principal, which about bankrolls earlier allotment in an contrarily sane bazaar environment. Prices and aberration are clouding this adage at the moment. Bitconnect lives in that confusion.

Such bodies who artlessly got-in aboriginal on a Bitconnect arrangement could be ginned up on crazy acknowledgment schedules. A abundant abounding of them, I assume, accept little-to-no advance experience. It is a absolute storm.


Better accepted and accepted is Onecoin. I’ve yet to acquisition anyone who believes it to be legitimate, and so I won’t decay too abundant time deep-diving.

Parked in Dubai and Belize, about as far abroad geographically from one addition as is humanly possible, it tends to fit able-bodied with our acquaintance Ponzi. It bills itself as an apprenticeship outfit, announcement investment.

For baby to abounding tens of bags of dollars, Onecoin offers badge packages, which can again be acclimated to abundance onecoins. The bales are cut and pasted old hat advance advice.Examine Lies to Find Greater Truths: Why I Love Scams

The aggregation is abiding to accent it doesn’t action cryptocurrency so abundant as it does literature. Meetings generally tend to breeze over materials, however, and speakers appetite cryptos. For a abbreviate time onecoins were exchanged for Euros in a clandestine market. Packages purchased bent bread access. The bazaar itself artificially bound coins, authoritative them arise deficient and added valuable. At accidental intervals, the bazaar would be shut for maintenance, and already aback online some orders and trades disappeared. Wallets and wire-transfers later, aboriginal adopters ability accept absolved abroad with profit.

As of this writing, governments all over the apple accept pursued Onecoin. Sadly, it is absolutely this blazon of artifice that governments use to acquaint broader controlling on accepted bread offerings and exchanges. Needless to point out, governments do not charge added excuses to absolute cryptocurrencies’ accessible blackmail to their cyberbanking systems.

Examine Lies to Find Greater Truths: Why I Love Scams


Very recently, Bitpetite vanished. Gone too were its customers’ cash. It affirmed massive three chiffre returns, falling on percentages such as 147, acutely consistently a tell. For some reason, able 150 percent seemed gratuitous, but that agee cardinal at the end adds to legitimacy, I guess.

The website flickered on and off for some time, and it’s accepting appealing austere for those who relied on the company, as its amusing media platforms accept all gone too.     

The commonality actuality is admirable promises, fast returns, guarantees. Apprentice from all three. Their lies, exposed, point to greater truths. Nothing of their promises abide in the absolute world, and the eventually we apprentice that assignment the bigger we will all be.

How do you anticipate bitcoiners should be fabricated acquainted of scams? Tell us in the comments below!

Images address of: Pixabay, Twitter, Bitconnect, Onecoin. 

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