ZCON, Enter the Web Content-Based Shopping Platform Business
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ZCON, Enter the Web Content-Based Shopping Platform Business

THELOGICALINDIAN - PRESS RELEASE ZCON PROTOCOL is a blockchainbased web agreeable business belvedere that leads admirers to acquirement articles such as accouterment and accessories by artlessly advertisement the articles in the web agreeable This is done by involving agreeable and artefact teams from the aboriginal date of planning action above-mentioned to the broadcasting of ball and entertainment

Over the accomplished bristles years, bazaar for web dramas and web ball accept developed exponentially. This is because channels for agreeable burning confused from TV to adaptable platforms.

Although web video agreeable is cartoon a ample bulk of attention, its accumulation anatomy is actuality acicular out as a problem.

Currently, the primary accumulation antecedent of web agreeable is the announcement acquirement set according to the amount on the platform, such as in the case of PPL advertisements.

In this simple acquirement structure, however, assembly costs are generally not covered.

Due to such poor accumulation structure, actors and assembly companies who participate in agreeable assembly generally do not accept acceptable compensation.

In addition, in ablaze of the COVID-19 pandemic, non-face-to-face arcade is increasing. Agreeable producers can accomplish abiding profits by acceptance admirers to calmly acquirement articles apparent on the video content. Agreeable producers can additionally actualize high-quality agreeable based on K-story and and access the all-around bazaar through the ‘ZCON PROTOCOL’ platform.

Web agreeable has been adversity amercement from actionable artful and downloading issues. Although accumulation is accepted to access as the web agreeable bazaar grows, if absorb issues are not resolved, accumulation will not absolutely go to agreeable creators.

Even with the acceptance of the Korean Wave and added appeal for Korean content, actionable downloads in countries with low acquaintance on bookish acreage rights will abide to accident assembly companies.

ZCON PROTOCOL’s blockchain technology can verify the absorb of video agreeable and assure the bookish rights of creators.

With the video capacity in which they appear, actors can accomplish profits by NFTizing and affairs photo books and appropriate videos, thereby accepting admirers and demography up assorted opportunities.

As Korean dramas abide to accretion acceptance in the all-around OTT ‘Netflix’, absorption in K-story-based video agreeable is steadily increasing. However, as the bazaar mainly is composed of ample ball companies, agreeable assortment charcoal bereft and the gap amid the affluent and the poor companies is increasing.

ZCON PROTOCOL seeks to defended agreeable assortment and authorize an ecosystem in which advantage is appropriately fabricated on fair achievement for all ecosystem participants.


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