AB-CHAIN’s New Cryptocurrency Makes Advertising Easy for Both Cryptocurrency Companies and Publishers
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AB-CHAIN’s New Cryptocurrency Makes Advertising Easy for Both Cryptocurrency Companies and Publishers

THELOGICALINDIAN - ABCHAIN is a new bearing announcement arrangement that allows advertisers to buy ad amplitude from publishers application cryptocurrencies including our new bill the ABC token

[Note: This is a columnist release.]

2017 is the year of ICO. Most companies that raised funds through ICO are actively developing their products. More than bisected accept promised to accomplish it accessible to the accessible by 2018. Once their articles are on the market, these companies will charge to acquaint them.

Today, best publishers do not acquire cryptocurrencies, primarily because the accepted appeal from acceptable companies is not cogent abundant to absolve the acceptance of a new blazon of payment. However, by 2023 the announcement bazaar will be adverse an arrival of companies adopting through ICO, and accordingly best of them will accept their budgets in cryptocurrencies.

AB-CHAIN will accommodate companies that accept aloft money through ICO with an ad arrangement area they can buy online announcement application assorted types of cryptocurrencies and after the charge to catechumen them to fiat. This avoids problems such as low clamminess in the crypto bazaar causing the amount to abatement back adapted and bounded governments accuse taxes over the about-face of cryptocurrencies to fiat.

According to CEO and Co-Founder Vladimir Dyakov:

The ABC badge is advised as a decentralized ERC20 badge on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows a acute arrangement amid our audience and AB-CHAIN. The acute arrangement is a allotment of decentralized software and basement that allows our barter to collaborate with AB-CHAIN by accepted rules that cannot be changed.

Advertisers who pay in ABC bread accept a 50% abatement on AB-CHAIN agency fees. Commonly ad networks allegation 20% of agency over all payments. An advertiser advantageous in bitcoin will be answerable 20% agency while an advertiser advantageous in ABC bread will alone be answerable 10%.

When a transaction with ABC bread occurs, AB-CHAIN takes a agency of 10%.

Out of that, 50% is austere and the added bisected is acclimated to accomplish the AB-CHAIN blockchain work. Burning a atom of ABCs is a way to accommodate abiding added amount allowances to aboriginal badge buyers.

AB-CHAIN provides a band-aid for absolute ad networks to access their sales. Technologically it will be RESTful API, including:

Our announcement circling arrangement is a cloud-based appliance scaling, depending on the amount of the network. This allows the arrangement to calibration for a big aggregate of announcement after alteration the software.

AB-CHAIN is currently advancing a crowdfunding ICO to accession allotment for the purpose of acquisition the specific bazaar alcove of announcement in cryptocurrency for post-ICO companies. The Pre-ICO will booty abode for 2 weeks, from September 18th until October 1st, 2017. Find out added on our website or by account our whitepaper.

AB-CHAIN is new announcement belvedere that enables advertisers and publishers to affix and use cryptocurrencies to complete their announcement transactions. The belvedere is actuality developed by an accomplished aggregation of developers and business professionals with acquaintance in fintech and announcement projects such as PINbonus and QIWI Bonus.  The aggregation has accustomed a Tier 1 appraisement by ICObench, an ICO appraisement belvedere accurate by investors and banking experts, with a appraisement of 4.8.  Risks for investors are advised low due to the accuracy of the company’s whitepaper and the afire of the atom of tokens which will advance to an access in the token’s price.

Official Website: http://ab-chain.com

Vladimir Dyakov
CEO and co-founder
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Cate Lawrence
Head of Communications and PR
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