Accept Bitcoin Payments and Other Crypto with Confidence
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Accept Bitcoin Payments and Other Crypto with Confidence

THELOGICALINDIAN - When it comes to accepting Bitcoin and added cryptocurrency payments merchants charge to be 100 assured that all affairs are safe Its a actuality that cryptocurrency payments action users a safer way to pay for appurtenances and casework by the actual attributes of blockchain technology itself but artifice is all-knowing on the internet so there is consistently the abeyant for hacking or added adulterous activities such as money laundering

Therefore, any acclaimed payments provider needs to accept water-tight measures in abode to ensure the assurance and aegis of their audience and all affairs that canyon through their system. 

KYT/AML Checks

For this reason, it is actual important for a business to adviser their affairs by way of KYT (Know Your Transaction) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks. 

KYT is the cryptocurrency world’s agnate to the Know Your Chump adjustment we are accustomed with in acceptable banking. KYT looks at assorted aspects apropos to anniversary transaction in adjustment to accommodate a abundant agenda picture, for example, abstracts on the blazon of device, time, amount, counterparty, language, and added in real-time. Artificial Intelligence again uses this advice to bout the abstracts with chump profiles to accord an authentic and abreast accident appearance for anniversary transaction.

Businesses additionally charge to be acquainted of the abeyant for money bed-making and should accept in abode AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. Money bed-making is the actionable action of concealing the origins of money acquired illegally by casual it through a circuitous arrangement of banking transfers or commercial transactions

AML refers to all behavior and legislation that force banking institutions to proactively adviser their audience in adjustment to anticipate money bed-making and corruption. Anti-money bed-making laws awning a ambit of affairs and bent behavior.

Both KYT and AML procedures are not alone important for EU adapted crypto acquittal account providers that are apprenticed by austere rules and regulations, but for all entities accouterment accompanying casework who accept an obligation to ensure their clients, as able-bodied as their business operations, are safe and secure.

Crystal Analytics 

As one of the arch acquittal processors in the crypto sphere, EU adapted crypto acquittal account provider, B2BinPay (a allotment of the B2Broker accumulation of companies) enables businesses to send, receive, store, exchange, and acquire cryptocurrency payments online, safely, securely, and cost-effectively globally in minutes. 

Its growing user-base of cryptocurrency exchanges, forex brokers, online stores, and added merchants can conduct their operations cautiously and confidently in the ability that for the aftermost 2 years, the aggregation has cooperated with Crystal Blockchain, a blockchain analytics belvedere engineered by the Bitfury Group, amalgam Crystal analytics into its belvedere to strengthen its anti-money bed-making compliance. 

The Crystal analytics belvedere is advised to bigger verify barter and their analysis balances in adjustment to anticipate money bed-making and added adulterous activities on the B2BinPay platform. Crystal analytics provides a abysmal acumen into cryptocurrency transactions, including identities, accident scores, and transaction histories, which is acclimated by B2BinPay to enhance its due activity and administer smarter cryptocurrency acquiescence processes.

Crystal is the ideal belvedere for agenda asset companies attractive to advance their AML and aegis procedures, allowance to action adjoin adulterous accomplishments on blockchains while acceptance for bigger acquiescence and added aegis for B2BinPay users and the blockchain association as a whole.

B2BinPay has appropriately called to coact with the industry’s arch KYT acquiescence technology to ensure that all its audience admeasurement up in agreement of anti-money bed-making requirements. Complete data-centric advice about affairs ensures that crypto businesses accede with their regulator:

✔Fully adjustable with bounded and all-around regulations

✔Track the angary of crypto funds

✔Enhances due activity and AML acquiescence procedures for all businesses   complex with cryptocurrency

✔Comply with AML/CTF regulations with all-embracing case by case investigations

✔Identify any bent action on the blockchain

✔Monitor and ascendancy over chancy transactions 

✔Automatically analyze high-risk activities Tracking ransomware payments

More About B2BinPay

Offering cryptocurrency payments can prove advantageous to a business and abounding are already accomplishment the rewards with this advantageous new acquirement stream. Not alone can you action your accepted audience an added transaction adjustment by accepting Bitcoin as payment, for example, it is additionally an able way to allure new audience which will ultimately advice you access your aggregation revenue. 

By amalgam B2BinPay businesses can action their audience amaranthine possibilities:

✔Send. Unlike sending money abroad, you can accelerate Bitcoin or any added cryptocurrency to anyone, around anywhere in the world.

✔Accept. Offer your barter Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple’s XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and lots added as a acquittal option

✔Hold. Many barter authority assimilate their Bitcoin in the achievement its amount will rise. Store your Bitcoin in your B2BinPay annual or alteration it to a clandestine wallet.

✔Transfer. If you appetite to accelerate crypto to your own wallet, you can do so whenever you charge to, calmly and quickly.

✔Convert. The about-face of Bitcoin is simple. Any allocation of your Bitcoin antithesis can be adapted to addition crypto on demand.

Supported Coins, StableCoins and Tokens


Stablecoins: USDT, USDC, GUSD, PAX, TUSD.

Tokens: OMG, BAT, KCS, and abounding added tokens.

Overall, B2BinPay is an able way to acquire crypto payments and one of the industry’s best accepted solutions, acknowledgment to its high-level functionality, affluence of use, and absorption to the accomplished akin of agenda asset compliance. Secure, legitimate, and cellophane affairs are par for the advance with B2BinPay. 

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