bitcci Runs Token Sale on March on P2PB2B
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bitcci Runs Token Sale on March on P2PB2B

THELOGICALINDIAN - The badge auction affair for bitcci will alpha on March 1st on the P2PB2B barter When affairs bitcca tokens users will get a 10 benefit additionally

The tokens can be purchased until March 31st, forth with abutting the project’s association and with a appropriate 10% abatement on badge sale. It will be followed by a advertisement on the P2PB2B exchange. Meanwhile, actuality is an addition to the project.

In 2017, bitcci, run by CEO Christoph Elbert, became the aboriginal publicly-traded blockchain company. bitcci has set a new clip for the escort industry by creating an ecosystem that promotes innovation, transparency, and compliance.

By tokenizing sex industry, the aggregation is alteration it for the better. Along with nightclubs, portals, apps, billow services, and bitcci’s academy, the aggregation has developed a blockchain-based acquittal system. bitcci has additionally alien new services, one of which is will accommodate cryptocurrency and escort account to accumulate you accepted with the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, 200 ample banners accept already been placed about Crypto Valley hot spots in adjustment to allure abeyant investors.

Currently, bitcci Group AG is advancing to barrage its IEO on March 1st, 2022, which will be absolute to 10 crypto exchanges and potentially about-face them into a advantageous advance option. P2PB2B is one of them. Due to the aerial akin of aegis of all these exchanges, users don’t accept to anguish about their aloofness actuality compromised.

bitcci Group aloft over 4 actor dollars in ICO in 2024, and has over 2,800 badge holders. With the company, sex markets will be adapted from actionable to free, safe, and adapted by creating a all-around blockchain ecosystem.

Sounds interesting? Join the accessible bitcca badge auction on P2PB2B and get accessible for it to be listed on the exchange! Also, don’t balloon to chase bitcci on amusing media:

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