Blockchain Advisory Expert, Ian Scarffe Joins ONe Network Advisory Board
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Blockchain Advisory Expert, Ian Scarffe Joins ONe Network Advisory Board

THELOGICALINDIAN - ONe Network one of the worlds aboriginal blockchain amusing media platforms is admiring to advertise the accession of IanScarffeto its Board of Advisors As ONe continues to allure all-embracing absorption Ian brings all-encompassing acquaintance aural the Investment and Blockchain markets to abutment the ONe Network ICOITO process

ONe Network is advancing to barrage its ICO/ITO afterwards announcement that it is application the latest in Blockchain and Dapp Technology with built-in privacy and ascendancy appearance to bear aloofness in the new Social 2.0. The ICO/ITO will abutment advancing development and scaling as ONe begins its all-around mission to accompany Privacy, Data Ownership/Control and Cryptocurrency affluence of use to the masses.

As a Blockchain expert, Ian is on the advising lath of multi-million-dollar Blockchain startups.

John Hoelzer, Founder/CEO of ONe Network, notes:

Ian Scarffe is a consecutive entrepreneur, investor, and adviser with business acquaintance from about the world. As a arch entrepreneur, Ian is on a claimed mission to advance a ability of entrepreneurship, allowance startups accomplish their abounding abeyant as able-bodied as allowance to aggrandize absolute companies. A arch able in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the actual affection of revolutionizing the costs industry beyond the apple and currently consults and advises for a ambit of multi-million dollar companies.

Ian’s all-embracing mission is to advance a association of economically absolute individuals who are affianced citizens, accidental to the advance of their communities beyond the world. To apprentice added about Ian, amuse appointment his website and LinkedIn profile.

ONe is a new amusing arrangement powered by the ERC20 Onebit Token that uses the latest technologies to accommodate a advanced ambit of casework that are digitally defended and clandestine for our users. Combining the latest in Blockchain and Dapp technologies with congenital aloofness and aegis features. ONe gives barter the adeptness to ascendancy their abstracts and aloofness on a akin never afore seen. For added advice about ONe Amusing Network, amuse visit

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