Abu Dhabi to Regulate Cryptocurrencies as Commodities and ICOs as 'Specified Investments'

Abu Dhabi to Regulate Cryptocurrencies as Commodities and ICOs as 'Specified Investments'

THELOGICALINDIAN - The Financial Services Authoritative Authority FSRA of Abu Dhabi Global Market ADGM has appear its position apropos cryptocurrencies and antecedent bread offerings ICOs beneath the Financial Services and Markets Regulations FSMR The ADGM recognizes that attempting to advance a one admeasurement fits all authoritative accoutrement for the cryptocurrency industries is inappropriate and will access cryptocurrencies as bolt whilst legislating abounding ICOs as defined investments

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The ADGM Has Sought to Clarify the Existing Regulations That Cryptocurrencies and ICOs May Be Subject To

Abu Dhabi to Regulate Cryptocurrencies as Commodities and ICOs as 'Specified Investments'

Abu Dhabi’s banking regulator has issued a document advised to accommodate advice as to the accordant legislation that cryptocurrencies and ICOs may be accountable to back operating aural the country. The ADGM states that the “guidance is applicative to those because the use of… ICOs… to accession funds”, in accession to “those because transacting in, and the accepted use of, basic tokens and currencies.” The ADGM adds that “given the evolving developments in the amplitude of basic tokens FSRA will abide to carefully adviser industry developments[, and] may affair added advice as necessary… in adjustment to facilitate the complete development and deployment of able banking technology innovations.”

The guidelines accompaniment that “the use of basic tokens… to accession allotment and facilitate bread-and-butter affairs has been on the acceleration in contempo years”, and has garnered “increased absorption from banking casework regulators.” The ADGM states that the “risks arising from fraud, money-laundering and agitator financing”, in accession to the animation of abounding cryptocurrencies’ bazaar value, accept been the primary catalysts for the growing cardinal of banking regulators that accept approved to abode the acknowledged implications of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

The ADGM states that “virtual tokens [that] are acclimated as a apparatus to accredit or facilitate a adapted activity… are about permitted.” The ADGM uses remittances as an archetype of such, advertence that “subject to fit and able safeguards, an authorised money remittance abode may accept authorization currencies from audience and use basic currencies to deeply address an agnate amount across anon to a adapted adopted counterparty via the internet in real-time; the adopted counterparty can again pay out in authorization currencies to the advised end-clients.”

The ADGM asserts that basic currencies “are not acknowledged tender. However, basic currencies accept ‘value’ in that they can be exchanged for added things of value.” Abu Dhabi’s banking regulator describes “virtual bolt [as] hav[ing] abundant in accepted with concrete bolt such as adored metals, fuels and agronomical produce”, absolute that “from a authoritative perspective, basic currencies are advised as commodities.” As such, the ADGM states that “mining [and] atom transaction[s] in basic currencies” will not abatement beneath the authoritative administration of the FSRA, however, adds that companies that affair derivatives of basic currencies will be adapted as “Specified Investments beneath the FSMR.”

“ICOs Can Take Many Forms”

Abu Dhabi to Regulate Cryptocurrencies as Commodities and ICOs as 'Specified Investments'

Of ICOs, the regulator states that “investors will about accord basic currencies to an ICO issuer in barter for a proprietary agenda average of barter on the [distributed balance technology] platform. Being termed a ‘coin’ or ‘token’.” The ADGM states that some tokens represent a utility, as against to “an basal banking asset.”

The ADGM asserts that tokens issued through an ICO that represent “a ‘traditional’ adapted issuance, such as share, agreement or units in a aggregate advance fund” will be accountable to absolute regulations beneath the FSMR, and abatement beneath the acknowledged allocation of “securities tokens”. The guidelines accompaniment that the FSRA will actuate if an ICO is accountable to absolute FSMR regulations on a case-by-case basis. Richard Teng, the Chief Executive Director for the FSRA of ADGM, encourages ICOs to appoint with the banking regulator as anon as accessible in adjustment to accurately actuate their authoritative requirements. Teng states that “ICOs accept adapted the basic accumulation mural and all-around authoritative frameworks are evolving to acclimate to such innovation. Participants exploring the arising of ICOs that action absolute amount to the bazaar and ambition to accomplish aural our authoritative framework are encouraged to appoint us aboriginal to accretion insights into the applicative authoritative regime.”

The guidelines analyze that “where tokens do not accept the appearance and characteristics of securities”, an ICO is acceptable to sit alfresco of the authoritative administration of the FSMR. In instances area an ICO isn’t adapted by the FSMR, the ADGM emphasizes the charge for investors to conduct all-encompassing analysis and exercise due diligence, as investors will not adore the customer protections and acknowledged safeguards that ICOs adapted beneath the FMSR will be accountable to.

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