All Aboard the New Era for Poker! CoinPoker’s ICO Launches on Friday
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All Aboard the New Era for Poker! CoinPoker’s ICO Launches on Friday

THELOGICALINDIAN - TwoThirds of CHP already aloof with 30000 different users and 4000 different circadian players already application the site are ablution their agilely accessible ICO this Friday with alone one-third of its allocation larboard for auction – two-thirds of CHP (chips) tokens already aloof for auction via the antecedence whitelist!

CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency based online poker allowance application blockchain technology to accommodate a transparent, secure, and attainable belvedere and is activity to action their in-game cryptocurrency alleged CHPs in two ICO stages. While the ICO will alpha at 10 am (GMT) on Friday 19th January on the site, interested users started authoritative their anxiety from the 5th January and accept already purchased allotment of the tokens to be fabricated available. Since then, CoinPoker’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has been downloaded 20,000 times and added than 30,000 unique users accept registered on their website. There are already 15,000 CHP badge holders and added than 4,000 unique circadian players on the application!

“I’m actual blessed to see CoinPoker accomplishing so well,” said poker fable Tony G, one of the project’s advisors, “Blockchain technologies are our future, and CoinPoker will activate the poker anarchy that all the players accept been cat-and-mouse for. This is a game-changer!”

Professional crypto broker Sonic Zhang said:

Additional admiral on this activity include and poker industry veterans Isabelle Mercier, Warren Lush, and Michael Josem from the online gaming and poker industry space. There is additionally undoubted crypto bazaar leaders abetment this activity including accurate crypto advance consultancy aggregation Digital X and top Asian crypto advance armamentarium Valuenet Capital. Add top crypto admiral such as Sonic Zhang and Etherparty (FUEL) CEO Kevin Hobbs and it is bright there is huge drive abaft this project.

Everybody accommodating is able to acquirement CHPs for the Stage I price – 4,200 CHPs for 1 ETH. After all the tokens allocated at this amount are awash out Stage II will begin, and the amount will acceleration to 3,500 CHPs for 1 ETH. The ICO is closing no after than on the 26th January, or back all the tokens are purchased afore that.

Afterwards, CoinPoker is activity to authority abundant dank promotions during which they will distribute 15% of the tokens calm to the community. It will alpha with two huge aperture tournaments which, bold the ICO is activity to advertise out fully, will accept aberrant award-winning pools, as able-bodied as a clash on the 21st January with a Tesla S as a admirable prize.

While this activity is still to barrage its ICO, it has already admiring a ample user base. 100,000,000 CHPs were awash out in aloof 6 days during the pre-ICO in November, and afterward, the activity launched abundant promotions in which they gave abroad 5,000,000 CHP for free.

CoinPoker ICO

This action accustomed CoinPoker to accent analysis their application, and in these few months, its adherence has been bigger and abundant bugs were fixed. On top of that, new appearance accept been added, abounding of which had been appropriate by the project’s alive association members. In fact, CoinPoker is involving its players in abounding processes, such as the selecting bold formats, structures, the above features, and alike app design.

Another way that the association gets their say is by accommodating in a compensation affairs that has an advantage for the players to architecture different table banknote for CoinPoker that accept a adventitious of actualization on the app.

Security issues were explored, too. “CoinPoker has absurd bottomward on multi-accounters,” said industry adept and CoinPoker’s Head of Security Michael Josem, “CoinPoker bankrupt a cardinal of accounts that were acclimated by the aforementioned bodies and that is aloof the alpha of the measures that CoinPoker is activity to booty in adjustment to abate the accident of cheating.”

Michael Josem has his own article series on CoinPoker’s Medium annual in which he explores assorted security-related capacity area he invites the association associates to accurate their opinions on how the allowance is activity to operate.

The project’s association is actual alive on its amusing media (Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram) and they will accept their say on how this activity evolves.

CoinPoker is ablution their ICO on the 19th of January, but there has already been a lot of advance fabricated in agreement of creating an alive community, bearing a well-tested applicable product, and allotment the final launch. At this point, it has already accomplished success and the accessible ICO will actuate the appulse that CoinPoker can accept in the bank industry. For all advice see

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In adjustment to acquisition added abundant advice on this project, amuse accredit to CoinPoker’s Whitepaper.

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