AirPod Synchronizing Pre-Sale Date with CryptoKonf 2023
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AirPod Synchronizing Pre-Sale Date with CryptoKonf 2023

THELOGICALINDIAN - AirPod one of the best agitative new projects in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency amplitude is activity to be a Diamond Sponsor at CryptoKonf 2023 in Belgrade Serbia As such AirPod is set to accord an aperture accent during which the projects ICO will be alien to the broader cryptocurrency world

CryptoKonf 2023 is the best arresting blockchain, FinTech, compliance, cryptocurrency and ICO appointment in southeastern Europe, and appearance hands-on abstruse blockchain development workshops – authoritative it a hotspot for the cryptocurrency space’s developer community.

This year, there will be a lot of acclaimed and accustomed speakers from all over the world, including Keith Baumwald (CMO of Celsius Network), Zdravko Poljašević (CEO of Nicehash), Nikola Stojanow (Chief Business Development Officer of Aeternity), Bjørn Alsos (Operations Manager of BitBay), and abounding more.

The above accident will booty abode in the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade in Serbia, from May 29  to May 30.

AirPod at CryptoKonf 2018

The AirPod aggregation is slated to present its activity in this high-profile blockchain appointment while account its band-aid to the above issues currently present aural the biking and comatose industry. It is additionally accepted to detail the different address in which the activity may acceptable aftereffect in one of the best assisting and abiding businesses with a acquiescent cryptocurrency income.

AirPod’s pre-sale will crucially alpha anon afterwards its presentation in CryptoKonf 2023 on May 29, afterwards the project’s aggregation absitively a synchronized barrage with the important accident would crop the best results.

AirPod at CryptoKonf 2018

AirPod’s presentation at the conference’s aperture will be advertisement over a alive stream, which absorbed parties may watch via links to be appear on the project’s Telegram accumulation and added official amusing media channels.  

Those absorbed in reserving a atom in the pre-sale may accompany the whitelist now, here:

For those who may not yet be aware, AirPod is able to acquaint what will acceptable become the approaching of both the biking and comatose industries.

AirPod Sleeping Pods are clandestine capsule-like units accurately advised to be installed in accessible spaces – such as airports, hotels, alternation & bus stations, and arcade centers – and are the absolute band-aid for bodies attractive to booty a nap, get some assignment done, or aloof relax in a clandestine space, after accepting to leave whichever accessible ambience they acquisition themselves in.

AirPod at CryptoKonf 2018

AirPod will accommodate travelers’ adventures by accouterment clandestine spaces in the affection of accessible spaces. Each pod will affection chargeless Wi-Fi, high-quality seats that transform into beds, air conditioning, and abundant more.

AirPods will aboriginal be installed at all-embracing airports about the apple — which is the absolute aboriginal ambiance to barrage the different and industry-changing product. Two out of every 100 travelers face delayed or canceled flights, and AirPods are accessible to accomplish that beneath of a accountability on everybody.

If you’d like to apperceive added about the high-profile ICO arch up to AirPod’s presentation at CryptoKonf 2023, here’s what we already know.

200 actor APOD tokens will be issued and will be priced at $0.10 per token. The project’s bendable cap is set at $2.7 million, with a $20 actor adamantine cap. Additionally, ICO contributors will accept their tokens angled in the Sponsorship Program.

To apprentice added about aggregate AirPod has to action arch up to CryptoKonf 2018, analysis out the project’s official website here:

What do you anticipate about AirPod’s synchronization with CryptoKonf 2023? Are you planning on accommodating in the project’s pre-sale? Be abiding to let us apperceive in the comments below!

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