AirPod Set to Announce Its APOD Token’s ICO During the CryptoKonf 2023 Conference

AirPod Set to Announce Its APOD Token’s ICO During the CryptoKonf 2023 Conference

THELOGICALINDIAN - AirPod the avant-garde blockchaindriven clandestine abridged aggregation is the Diamond Sponsor of the CryptoKonf 2023 appointment to be captivated in Belgrade Serbia The accident accoutrement Blockchain FinTech Compliance Cryptocurrency and ICOs will be captivated on 29th and 30th May 2023 At the accident AirPod will additionally advertise the barrage of the APOD badge crowdsale

CryptoKonf 2018 is set to be the better cryptocurrency and blockchain appointment in SE Europe. The accident will be captivated at Metropolis Palace Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia from 29th to 30th May 2018. The appointment will additionally affection hands-on abstruse blockchain development workshops to the contentment of developers. Renowned bodies in the cryptocurrency industry will adroitness and allege at the event.

Apart from acknowledging the accident as a Diamond Sponsor, the assembly of AirPod will additionally present their activity to the admirers and the accessible badge pre-sale and ICO will be alien during the aperture speech. The presale of the tokens will alpha appropriate afterwards the presentation. The presentation will be transmitted over live-stream and absorbed investors can chase it live.

Why advance in AirPod

AirPod is the developer of the advocate AirPod sleeping pods. These are capsule-like clandestine units that are advised to be acclimated in accessible spaces such as bus station, airports, arcade centers, and hotels. The sleeping pod is the absolute band-aid for addition who wishes to do some work, booty a nap or aloof relax in a clandestine amplitude after the charge for them to leave the accessible space. The advocate sleeping pods accept appearance such as a high-quality bench that can be adapted into a bed, chargeless Wi-Fi, air conditioning amid others.

To ensure accuracy of affairs and affluence the action of payment, AirPod has acclimated blockchain technology and appear up with a different badge accepted as APOD. The account badge will be acclimated on the AirPod arrangement as a acquittal advantage for services. Additionally, the badge gives its owners an befalling to acquire abiding and approved acquiescent assets via the advocacy program.

The affairs that will be apparent afterwards the barrage of the activity will see every broker who has bought APOD tokens during the ICO become a sponsor of an AirPod unit. The affairs will acquiesce them to acquire up to 80% of the profits generated by the said assemblage on a account basis.

APOD Token sale

Investors absorbed in purchasing this account badge can do so during the accessible presale, It will action 200 actor APOD tokens on auction with anniversary badge admired at $0.10. Those who will accord in the ICO will see their tokens angled during the advocacy program. The success of the APOD badge is affirmed as it is afflicted by the success of the AirPod business and not by the crypto markets.

What do you anticipate about the APOD ICO? Do you accede that AirPod is set to accommodate the biking and comatose industries? Let us accepted your assessment in the comments area below.