CoinTracking Launches Two Powerful, Free Plug-ins for Crypto Traders

CoinTracking Launches Two Powerful, Free Plug-ins for Crypto Traders

THELOGICALINDIAN - Though the top cryptocurrency exchanges action archive abounding dont action the analytic appearance crypto traders charge to accomplish acceptable trading decisions To advice ample this charge CoinTracking has partnered with two companies that specialize in cryptocurrency analytics IntoTheBlock and Cryptosheets These new integrations accommodate a accomplished new use case for the worlds best accepted crypto tax software

What is CoinTracking?

CoinTracking was founded in 2024 and went online in April 2024 as the world’s aboriginal cryptocurrency tax advertisement apparatus and portfolio manager. The aggregation now has over 585,000 alive users, which makes it the baton in the space. While crypto traders are CoinTracking’s capital demographic, the company’s able portfolio administration accoutrement accept fabricated it accepted amid crypto tax and advance firms as well.

Now that CoinTracking integrates with IntoTheBlock and CryptoSheets, it has a new use case. In affiliation with the two new plug-ins, CoinTracking can now be acclimated to analysis altcoins and actualize absolutely new trading strategies. IntoTheBlock’s abysmal analytic appearance can be acclimated to accomplish crypto amount movement predictions, while CryptoSheets gives traders the adeptness to actualize their own custom spreadsheets and charts.


Cryptosheets is a spreadsheet plugin for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets that’s clothier fabricated for cryptocurrency traders. The plugin can be acclimated to cull abstracts from CoinMarketCap, the mining profits calculator WhatToMine, cryptocurrency abstracts provider, Cryptocompare, ParadigmAPI and abounding added sources including top exchanges like Gemini, Bittrex and others.

The affiliation amid Cryptosheets and CoinTracking lets CoinTracking subscribers use their portfolio abstracts to actualize their own customized crypto charts. The affiliation allowances accepted Cryptosheets users as able-bodied because it expands the cardinal of exchanges that assignment with the plugin.

Anyone who knows their way about a spreadsheet can use Cryptosheets to bound and calmly actualize their own crypto charts. Those that charge advice accepting started can use one of Cryptosheets’ abounding templates as a starting point.

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Free Forever– Cryptosheets’ beginner-oriented cable option– provides abounding admission to all of Cryptosheets’ features. Usage is the alone limitation. Free Forever subscribers can action as abounding as 1,000 API requests per month. The promo cipher #ICAMEFROMCOINTRACKING reduces all paid Cryptosheets subscriptions by 20%.


Several IntoTheBlock-powered widgets are now accessible anon through CoinTracking. Current CoinTracking barter don’t accept to assurance up for an IntoTheBlock annual to admission them, back they’re congenital into the interface. Even added metrics are accessible through IntoTheBlock’s paid cable service.

CoinTracking’s new IntoTheBlock widgets are abnormally advantageous for researching altcoins. Prospective investors can see whether or not a coin’s amount is concentrated in the easily of a few investors, for example.

Additional abstracts is accessible through IntoTheBlock’s capital website via the “Dive Deeper” and “See More Signals” buttons. IntoTheBlock’s paid account supports over 25 metrics, which can be acclimated to actuate abbreviate and continued appellation amount movements. Two two-minute tutorials are anchored beneath anniversary metric. These explain what the metrics do and how to use them to accomplish predictions.

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IntoTheBlock’s accepted balloon aeon is seven days, but CoinTracking subscribers can use IntoTheBlock for a abounding 90 canicule afore they run into the paywall.


In accession to artful taxes and befitting clue of assorted crypto barter accounts, CoinTracking can now be acclimated to assay bill and adumbrate approaching amount movements. These new analytic appearance accomplish CoinTracking an alike added capital apparatus for crypto traders.

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