Eidoo Card Is Available for Pre-Order – Seamlessly Connect Your Fiat and Crypto Wallets

Eidoo Card Is Available for Pre-Order – Seamlessly Connect Your Fiat and Crypto Wallets

THELOGICALINDIAN - Gone are the canicule back online authorization acquittal processors and agenda wallets were beheld as article new and avant-garde By now best bodies are acclimated to arcade online abnormally in developed countries The accepted acquittal processors are wellestablished and theyve acquired the publics trust

They’ve done article groundbreaking and that’s to booty shoppers online and acquiesce for online affairs and affairs of appurtenances and services. However, could they accept done it bigger and could it be done better? For starters, let’s booty a attending at the accepted problems.

The Pain Point

Sending and accepting funds through acceptable authorization acquittal processors and agenda wallets has become more expensive. They’ve accomplished a array of oligopoly, area you accept no added options. You either pay the fees or you don’t accelerate or accept money online.

The addition of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology revolutionized the banking area and the way we accelerate and accept money. Already you can accelerate cryptocurrencies with basal fees, amounting to beneath than a dollar (in the case of my antecedent archetype of $100). However, the botheration cryptocurrencies accept encountered is that they do not accept abundant applied use in our accustomed lives.

Few merchants acquire cryptocurrencies as payment, which makes it difficult to use from day-to-day. Swapping from crypto to authorization is not direct as you charge to aboriginal buy/sell your adopted bill and again abjure funds from the exchange, which takes time and you acquire fees throughout anniversary step. Add to that the actuality that bodies are not absolutely accustomed with the concept, and it becomes bright why accumulation acceptance still isn’t a thing.

Introducing Eidoo Card

For the affidavit mentioned above, Eidoo aims to abutment this industry and advice accommodate the agency and accoutrement for it to prosper. By accouterment support, they aim to advice cryptocurrency and blockchain ability as abounding bodies as accessible and aid in the accumulation acceptance process. So, how absolutely do they plan on accomplishing that?

Eidoo developed the Eidoo Card – a debit agenda that allows you to seamlessly affix your Euro (EUR) and British Pound (GBP) authorization accounts to your cryptocurrencies wallet. The Eidoo wallet supports a ample array of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ether and Eidoo’s own EDO token. All that is done application aloof one simple, automatic app, accessible on Desktop, the App Store and Google Play Store. Download the apps to pre-order your Eidoo Card. As you can see, the app is multi-platform, so you can admission your funds no amount area you are.”

Unfortunately, at the moment, this action is alone accessible for users from the EU and Great Britain, so accumulate that in mind. The readers from added genitalia of the apple should accumulate an eye on this activity as I’m abiding the aggregation will appetite to aggrandize after on. In adjustment for them to affair you your card, you’ll charge to complete their in-app KYC action which is appropriate by regulators. After you’ve been absolute once, you won’t accept to do it anytime again, alike if you adjustment added cards.

Once you get the Eidoo Card, swapping amid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and EDO is as accessible as acute a button. Eidoo Agenda allows you to abjure from ATMs, pay online, in-person, contactless. All in all, it’s as accessible as application an accustomed debit card, but it allows its users to advance the acceleration and ability of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s absolutely the arch we charge amid the accepted two systems. You get the low fees and quick and accessible affairs that cryptocurrencies provide, forth with the accumulation acceptance of authorization currencies. Put artlessly – you get the best of both worlds.

Account Types

There are altered annual tiers accessible to Eidoo Card’s clients. Each bank has its own allowances and rewards, as able-bodied as crypto cashback rewards that “pay” in EDO (token). The rewards aren’t bound and annual holders are chargeless to abjure whenever they choose. Altered annual types are there to accomplish abiding every being can accept a agenda that fits their alone needs.

In adjustment for you to get a assertive card, you’ll charge to “burn” or “stake” a assertive bulk of EDO tokens. Burning tokens agency that you about abolish those tokens from the blockchain and they cease to exist. Staking agency captivation those tokens bound up for a assertive aeon of time, which is in this case one year. It’s done in adjustment to accommodate abutment for the operation of the blockchain network. After the aeon of time has anesthetized you are chargeless to use or abjure those tokens. Essentially, you’re not advantageous anything, as you’ll get your tokens back. Think of it as aloof loaning after interest.

Eidoo Card
Take a attending at the breakdown beneath for added advice about the altered Eidoo Card annual tiers.




It’s account acquainted that if you pre-order the cards, you can bifold your cashback, so for those of you absorbed in the offer, pre-order sounds like the way to go.

Eidoo was founded in 2024 through an ICO attack that managed to accession over 20 actor dollars. Their app has been downloaded over bristles hundred thousand times during this period, and spanning over 25 countries. The aggregation is based in Switzerland and is committed to bringing the apple of DeFi (decentralized finance) afterpiece to people. They accede that every being has a appropriate to cellophane and defended ascendancy of their banking assets.

Thomas Bertani, the Director of the company, was recently featured on Advancements TV, a appearance which affectedness on none added than CNBC – one of the arch banking account outlets. He talked about the confusing aftereffect blockchain technology is accepting on the banking sector.

“Decentralized accounts is a new movement area blockchain is actuality acclimated to accommodate new able accoutrement in a arrangement which is public, cellophane and attainable to anyone. These technologies can reinvent accounts from its foundations,” were his words on the show.

EDO – The Token Behind It All

Now that we’re up to acceleration on the cards, it’s important to additionally allocution about the EDO badge abaft it all. As we all know, a aggregation or activity Is alone account as abundant as its banal or, in this case, a token. We all apperceive a lot of aggressive projects get launched daily, alone never to prosper.

However, that’s not the case with EDO and the Eidoo Card. EDO is a acclaimed badge in the cryptocurrency circles and it’s listed on the world’s better and best trusted exchanges, such as:

The Referral Program

For those of you with an online attendance or artlessly with accompany absorbed in crypto, there’s a way to get the Eidoo Agenda absolutely free. All you accept to do is allure some bodies and depending on the cardinal you’ll accept a card. Take a attending at the breakdown below:

So, as you can see, actuality allotment of the association absolutely pays off and that’s absolutely Eidoo’s ambition – to abound the cryptocurrency association and drive the advance appear mass-adoption.

Eidoo Card

To sum up this article, this new accession from Eidoo should absolutely atom some absorption aural the cryptocurrency community. The anticipation of a crypto debit agenda isn’t annihilation new, but the actuality that the abstraction is backed by a absolute badge and aggregation is reassuring. All the cashbacks are absolutely enticing, and the actuality that you’re chargeless to abjure it is a plus.

If it gets the acknowledgment it needs, it could additionally beggarly added bodies axis to cryptocurrencies due to the lower fees and faster transactions. In any case, it’s absolutely account blockage out if you’re from the UK or EU.

Get the App to get startedhttps://eidoocard.com

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