Experience Online Skin & Cryptocurrency Gambling Like Never Before with Gamdom

Experience Online Skin & Cryptocurrency Gambling Like Never Before with Gamdom

THELOGICALINDIAN - Gambling with banknote and cryptocurrency has been about for a few years with a ambit of websites to aces from But not all websites action a wholesome account as they promise

Gamdom.com is a accountant online bank which strives to accommodate a fun, yet safe & defended online action acquaintance for users, appropriately the armpit is provably fair. A abstracted server is acclimated to verify the candor of anniversary game, and users can additionally analysis the candor of the bold by entering the SHA256 hash.

First-class Games

Gamdom has a array of agitative amateur in which players can action application their VGO skins, CS:GO skins, and Dota 2 skins. When depositing banknote into your account, they are automatically adapted into Gamdom coins, the platform’s own agenda bill which you will use in your bank activities.

With four accessible games: Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, and HiLo, users can drop application their Bitcoin or banknote for accustomed games, such as CS:GO, and attack to access their antithesis by playing. The belvedere has bright cartoon that accord the amateur a acceptable beheld address and accomplish the bank acquaintance absolutely fun. Moreover, users of the belvedere are assured that the amateur are legitimate, acknowledgment to the websites’ provably fair system.

Free Coins

Gamdom provides users with chargeless bill through circadian rewards, giveaways, and Rainbot. Users can get chargeless bill from any of those three by afterward altered approaches as explained below.


What sets Gamdom afar from added bark bank sites is its different Rainbot feature. The site’s owners and wealthier users drop bill in a pot and the bot again distributes the funds to the alive babble users every 2-28 minutes.

Users can affirmation this benefit by beat on the dejected billow that ancestor up in the chat. Also, if you add “Gamdom.com” to your name, you can acquire 50% added on your bonus. Keep in apperception that the popup alone stays on the awning for about a minute or so; be abiding to bang it as anon as you see it.

Daily Rewards

A user of Gamdom can annual from circadian rewards by ensuring that his annual is verified. You can verify your annual by application your buzz (SMS verification), and you can consistently bang on the settings tab on the website to analysis the status. Once your annual is verified, you will be able to admission the circadian accolade & chargeless Rainbot coins.

The user akin determines the circadian rewards offered on the Gamdom site. If your acquaintance is minimal, you can still access it by application the Name Promotion and, thereby, position yourself college by accepting XP points, accretion your annual level, and accepting added bill from the circadian accolade and the Rainbot.


Gamdom provides users who chase the belvedere on VK, Twitter, or Instagram with abundant contests and giveaways by commutual simple instructions, such as afterward Gamdom on their amusing media and administration the post. Furthermore, users can affirmation a best of 2% of their absolute bet bill and accept a best of 2% of their absolute deposits for every chargeless bread claim.

Extra Winnings with Bonus Jackpot Rounds

Crash Jackpot

Gamdom’s accelerating Jackpot offers blast players the adventitious to win a actual adorable bonus. The champ gets 75% of the Jackpot and the actual 25% is disconnected amid all the added users in that annular according to their profit.

Roulette Jackpot

The roulette jackpot works on a agnate base as the Crash jackpot. Anniversary round, the armpit adds 1% of the absolute bets to the jackpot. When the jackpot is appear (which can appear at any time), 70% of the jackpot goes to the champ and 20% will be breach amid those that accept bet on the acceptable colour. The actual 10% is analogously broadcast to those that accept bet on the actual colours. Players accept the adventitious of acceptable the jackpot anniversary time they participate in a roulette round.

HiLo Jackpot

When the HiLo jackpot is won, 52% of the jackpot is accustomed to the winner, 30% will be disconnected amid those that accept bet on the acceptable card/cards and 18% will be breach amid players that accept bet on the accident colors.

Gamdom additionally puts in 0.1% of the absolute bets anniversary annular to the jackpot. Players accept a adventitious of acceptable the jackpot anniversary time they abode a bet on HiLo based on how abundant they accept earned.

Provably Fair Policy 

Gamdom.com is a absolute site, which agency that all amateur played on the belvedere are provably fair. A abstracted server is acclimated to verify the candor of anniversary game, and users can additionally analysis the candor of the bold by entering the SHA256 hash.

The belvedere generates, for anniversary game, a alternation of 10 actor SHA256 hashes. After a bold ends, its assortment is appear so it can be compared with the antecedent bold in adjustment to actuate if any modifications took place. The after-effects of all approaching amateur are consistently agreed based on the algebraic cryptographic administration of the SHA256 function. In adjustment to anticipate anyone from allotment an alternating SHA256 chain, the alternation is additionally about displayed on the website. This additionally proves that Gamdom is not able to dispense the after-effects in any form.

Stress-free Withdrawal

The action of abandoning your bitcoins, items, or banknote from Gamdom is actual accessible and stress-free. Once you drop 1,000 bill and action with 100% of the deposited amount, you are accessible to withdraw. Simply use the “Marketplace” and chose the cardinal of banknote or Bitcoin you appetite to withdraw. Items and banknote are delivered about anon unless there are any errors on the users’ side.

Bitcoin withdrawals are additionally quick and accept low fees, but can sometimes booty best than accepted because of abrupt blockchain delays which are out of the websites’ control. Thanks to a advanced ambit of banknote and items accessible on the Marketplace, users are rarely larboard after annihilation to abjure for the bulk of coins.

Available Support

Users can admission three types of abutment on the platform: accustomed support, technical, and business support, acceptation that there is accomplished agents alive in anniversary department. Therefore, as a user, you would never be larboard abandoned with your problem. The belvedere additionally offers a FAQ area to advice abode some of the pertinent questions that best users accost in attempting to use the platform.

To advance the website’s user experience, Gamdom is consistently attractive for new and accomplished developers. If you are an absorbed developer, you can acquisition out added by accessing the afterward articulation – https://gamdom.com

Gamdom is a CS:GO gambling belvedere that provides users with an access of adding Bitcoins, CS:GO, VGO & Dota 2, as able-bodied as vIRL items. It strives to action gamers the best bank acquaintance with a safe, accurate bank environment.