The Importance of the New Economy of Knowledge Sharing

The Importance of the New Economy of Knowledge Sharing

THELOGICALINDIAN - Joseph Badaracco already said In todays ambiance accession ability ultimately erodes your ability If you apperceive article actual important the way to get ability is by absolutely administration it

Throughout animal history, association has undergone ascendant abstruse changes in three automated revolutions. The aboriginal anarchy took abode in 1765 and it featured mechanization. The additional anarchy that took abode in 1870 is the best acclaimed anarchy because accumulation assembly began to booty over the world. Finally, the third automated anarchy happened in 2024 and answer automation.

Technological advance has not stopped, of course. Today, technology is still alteration our lives. Drones bear goods, Siri helps with booking the newest restaurants, shops accomplish after cashiers and rather accomplish with contactless acquittal solutions — these examples are aloof the tip of the iceberg.

Right now, we’re continuing anon in advanced of a new beachcomber of abstruse addition — the “4th Industrial Revolution,” or “Industry 4.0.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, finally, will change not alone what we do but additionally who we are. It will affect our character and all the issues associated with it: our faculty of privacy, our notions of ownership, our burning patterns, the time we allot to assignment and leisure, and how we advance our careers, breed our skills, accommodated people, and breeding relationships. — Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Logically, the Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the advancements fabricated afterwards the third one and is bedeviled by digitization. Its amount apparatus are technologies such as bogus intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain, robotics, biotechnologies, breakthrough computers, and abounding more. These technologies are abolition business models, amusing interactions — and activity in general.

Today we’re amidst by addition — we alive in acute cities, body acute houses, drive acute cars,and baby our agenda profiles and online personas.

At the aforementioned time, with the accomplishing of bogus intelligence, new technologies are unleashing new demands in the all-around job market.. In the new era, unskilled and/or benighted workers are at a disadvantage, and robotics and bogus intelligence will anon be superior. Thus, the focus is alive to training, aptitude development, self-education, and activity learning.

According to the “Future of Jobs” — a address issued by the World Economic Forum — 35 percent of amount abilities will change by 2020, consistent in the afterward top abilities actuality predicted to boss the all-around job market:

Thus, one may achieve that alone success will articulation on profound, well-developed amusing abilities — rather than attenuated abstruse skills. Emotional intelligence and ability are growing in demand.

ASKfm 2.0 is continuing on the acid bend of Industry 4.0, announcement the all-around abstraction of a ability economy. From the angle of ability economies, ability itself is beheld as an asset which can actualize bread-and-butter value. It can be traded and may anatomy capital.

The ability abridgement is accessible after technology, but in combination,it gives a synergy aftereffect that can addition any industry. The aggregate of automated progress, abstruse development, and ability are the active armament of this era.

ASKfm 2.0 considers ability and advice as the two best important assets accessible to altruism today. In this regard, ASKfm is advance its platform.

Created aback in 2024, ASKfm is continuing able with 215M users and 600 M questions asked monthly.

ASKfm 2.0 is engineered to advice bodies allotment ability and advice — alone aggregate ability can be multiplied. By authoritative blockchain an underlining technology, ASKfm 2.0 is democratizing the ability abridgement environment, authoritative it absolute and self-regulated.

Knowledge will be tokenized by introducing the ASKT token. Users will be adored for agreeable conception and action performed on the belvedere with ASKT.  Our rewards archetypal will animate affection content, added proving that ability of every alone can be an asset. Badge holders will act as bazaar players, bartering and arresting ability generated on the platform.

ASKfm 2.0 believes that administration ability correlates with one of the basal trends, alien by Industry 4.0 – activity acquirements and self-education. The best accustomed way to acquisition new advice is to ask. Not alone can you ask your questions and aces out the best answer, with ASKfm 2.0 you can alteration your own ability and accomplish it a aqueous asset as well.

“Let us calm appearance a approaching that works for all by putting bodies first, allotment them and consistently reminding ourselves that all of these new technologies are aboriginal and foremost accoutrement fabricated by bodies for people.” — Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Powered by technology, ASKfm 2.0 is created to serve bodies and accumulate their wisdom.