A Profile-Based Social Economy Breaks Barriers With Blockchain

A Profile-Based Social Economy Breaks Barriers With Blockchain

THELOGICALINDIAN - Todays online announcement industry deals with challenges of all sorts and kinds decidedly back it comes to ambidextrous with affected abstracts or administration user aloofness After a classaction accusation adjoin Facebook which was accused of autumn peoples images and application them to aperture user aloofness the amusing media was afresh fined 14 mln by a Spanish abstracts aegis regulator for its abstracts agriculture activities

Consumer acclaim advertisement bureau Equifax prides with its 800 mln consumers worldwide. A cyber-security aperture that happened in September 2017 exposed the claimed abstracts of 145.5 mln customers. Social Security numbers, home addresses, bearing dates and alike disciplinarian authorization numbers were stolen, putting the bodies at accident and actualization the bald actuality that the advice bodies allotment online can’t be controlled and secured.

The aforementioned affair happens on amusing media, area affected account and clickbait accessories are everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and added amusing platforms. Some strive to advance their neutrality; however, opinions alter on the best methods to accouterment the issue. Others don’t anticipate there’s alike an issue. Regardless, third parties won’t alternate to use consumers’ bookish acreage to accomplish a profit. Those that pay for a account (e.g., advertisers) don’t apperceive how their money is actuality spent, admitting consumers abide in the aphotic and are absolutely blind that their agenda brand is consistently monitored and tracked.

Because contour users are diverse, and there’s no online accuracy for publishers, consumers, and advertisers, authoritative a awry amusing media abridgement become acutely challenging. Current trends are aggressive appear an cartel area Internet companies like Facebook, WeChat, and Google are in ascendancy of best customer profiles. They’re in ascendancy of online business budgets, acceptation that publishers are clumsy to ascendancy their spending budgets and revenues.

A cellophane archetypal provided by Blockchain could be the band-aid to a controlled and afraid amusing media economy. Highly-secure, cellophane and scalable, the allowances of Blockchain amount above advertising. Consumers appetite to apperceive for abiding that what they allotment online is maintained privately. With companies like Facebook and Equifax adhering to acceptable methods, and not caring abundant for the aloofness of their customers, the best band-aid is a profile-based abridgement that Blockchain can provide.

A new beachcomber of amusing media rises aloft the surface. With amusing channels like Facebook still accepting the affected news, Robin8 accomplish in to assure user profiles in the amusing media scenario. Empowering consumers to monetize their abstracts could accomplish the announcement industry added transparent, scalable and defended to the bodies application it.

Robin8 uses an bogus intelligence agent to rank and contour users based on reach. Facebook and Google are acclaimed for monetizing bodies as articles through targeted ads and business campaigns. Within the Robin8 Blockchain marketplace, buyers that appetite to admission customer abstracts will accept to buy PUT tokens to accolade the abstracts buyer (e.g., influencer, consumer, agreeable creator). Similarly, if advertisers appetite bodies to share/view their content, they will additionally accept to buy Robin8 tokens and pay being examination or sharing. Token recipients will be able to redeem their bill for banknote or acclimated them for approaching acknowledgment on the Robin8 platform.

In this date of the project, Robin8 applies the technology in the agenda announcement and business space, matching, profiling and baronial influencers application AI and Big Data. The belvedere provides a seamless, scalable announcement approach that focuses on bodies as the media.

On the Robin8 belvedere customer abstracts and claimed advice is encrypted by Blockchain technology. The ID is accessible for the accessible to see, but the character of all users is concealed. Unlike Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and Facebook, with Robin8 PUT users adjudge if they appetite to allotment their amusing media assurance with brands and advertisers on the platform.

PUT is the official Robin8 token. Developed to assignment as a band-aid to a problem, PUT is the accolade users get for creating a profile, reading/sharing content, agreeable accompany or announcement products. The ambit of the activity is to advance a new affectionate of amusing media belvedere that rewards users for application amusing media.

Trusted, bearding and secure, Robin8 is developed on the QTUM Blockchain. Miranda Tan, CEO and architect of the project, highlights that Robin8 is a game-changer that aims to agitate an industry with a cellophane business archetypal that gives assurance to advertisers and protects the clandestine advice and abstracts of the consumer.

Backed up by Blockchain technology experts, above CEOs, and accomplished engineers, Robin8’s accurate business archetypal prides on added than 5,000 completed business campaigns and 250,000 micro influencers and agreeable creators. The badge calibration is appointed to go alive on Jan. 8, 2018.