Zeepin Is Launching CryptoGalaxy – the World’s First Virtual Universe Powered by Blockchain

Zeepin Is Launching CryptoGalaxy – the World’s First Virtual Universe Powered by Blockchain

THELOGICALINDIAN - April 8 2024 The accretion assimilation of cryptocurrency technology beyond all the industries on a all-around calibration has accustomed bearing to the fastgrowing blockchainbased bold articulation Zeepin in appearance of this arising trend has created CryptoGalaxy a Galaxy cool dApp which has already acquired bags of admirers in the blockchain association aloof afterwards the absolution of its brain-teaser CryptoGalaxy is the worlds aboriginal blockchainbased bold accepting a basic cosmos affair enabling players to adore the cosmos analysis via adaptable dApp accordant both with iOS and Android

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How CryptoGalaxy Works?

CryptoGalaxy bold has been congenital on the attempt of “Playable Creativity” and “Explore-trade-benefit”, which are additionally its slogans. CryptoGalaxy is both assisting and absorbing back players can win Gala tokens by assuming tasks aural the game. As against to the acceptable games, Galaxy is the basic cosmos that can be angry into agenda assets and run beneath Zeepin’s ecosystem .

The Game & GalaTokens

CryptoGalaxy players can acquire profits by digging on their plants to access allegorical crystals that can be adapted into Gala – a badge that drives the absolute Galaxy blockchain. The blockchain is maintained by Galabot Interstellar Mining, that can be upgraded for added power. In the after genitalia of the game, players can pale ZPT (Zeepin token) in their Zeepin Wallet to accept a planet. (The ZeeWallet and ZeeChain will be affiliated to Galaxy Chain).

The amount of the planet will access through the bold as users complete assorted tasks. They can sell, buy or barter planets with added players in the Galaxy store. Players can acquire Gala in a cardinal of ways, the capacity of which will be appear by the aggregation soon.

The Core Technologies of CryptoGalaxy

To affect users with alluring visualized experience, Unity 3D technology will be activated for real-time apprehension of the absolute attributes of the planets. The planets aural the bold will be on par with admirable artworks.

The color, aspect and added attributes angry to the planets will be presented on a accidental base with the advice of AI technology to accomplish abiding every planet is unique.

Each amateur will accept a role as an charlatan in the bold and commence on an ballsy adventure to ascertain new planets. Meanwhile, anniversary charlatan will be a allotment of an accord with added players and will anatomy a nation. The baronial will reflect the cardinal of planets endemic by players in a specific nation. The nation owning the best planets will top others on the baronial account and become the winner.

Universe will be formed with assorted galaxies, endless planets, analysis is limitless, back a amateur discovers new things they will automatically put them on a map. They can arduous their planet in CryptoGalaxy.

The Closed Beta Test Activity Coming Soon – Chance To Get The First Batch Of Planets & Be The First To Play The CryptoGalaxy Game!


The CryptoGalaxy’s Closed beta analysis action will run from April 9th till  April 16th, area users will be able to vote for their country and baddest products/monuments/ideas that represent their country best.

You can abide the anatomy and allotment it on amusing media with your alone barometer link. There will be a baronial account accustomed with best alive users.

CryptoGalaxy will accolade top circadian users by giving them a adventitious to participate in the bankrupt beta analysis and to accept the aboriginal accumulation of planets. More capacity and updates are accessible on Twitter.

The official presentation and added capacity will be appear in aboriginal anytime Zeepin Meetup in Seoul on April 23rd 2018, while the App Release date will be appear soon. To apperceive added about the platform, amuse appointment https://cryptogalaxy.one/