Bitbox Project Hosts Two Bitcoin Cash Hackathons

Bitbox Project Hosts Two Bitcoin Cash Hackathons

THELOGICALINDIAN - This anniversary newsBitcoincom batten with Carlos Cardona from the accessible antecedent Bitbox toolkit activity Over the abutting thirty canicule Bitbox is hosting two BCHcentric hackathons that aim to accompany the bitcoin banknote development association calm to body avant-garde applications application the decentralized network

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Emerging Platforms Need a Framework Which Encapsulates Everything the Platform Offers

Bitbox Activity Hosts Two Bitcoin Cash HackathonsOn April 21, and on May 15 the aforementioned day as the accessible BCH adamantine fork, the accessible antecedent toolkit project, Bitbox, affairs to host two hackathons. Developer Carlos Cardona explains to that Bitbox is a apartment of accoutrement that can supercharge a developer’s BCH workflow. “It consists of a one-click Bitcoin Cash blockchain, command band utility, and a javascript API which lets you advance how bound you can actualize an amazing application,” Cardona details.

In Cardona’s opinion, the greatest befalling in the absolute amplitude is to empower developers and advance their workflow. “If we do that appropriate we can set off the absolute industry,” the developer explains to

Two Hackathons and One Very Special Upgrade

On Saturday, April 21st the hackathon will be about networking, ambience up development environments and on-ramping devs to the Bitbox workflow,” Cardona explains.

The Tuesday, May 15th hackathon will be about showcasing the new appearance of BCH including the 32 MB block admeasurement absolute increase, new and reactivated OP codes (which Cardona has already enabled in Bitbox) and beyond OP_RETURN abstracts size. There is currently a absolute of two BCH in prizes for anniversary event. One BCH for aboriginal abode and 0.5 BCH for additional abode and 0.25 BCH anniversary for two runners-up.        

“The Bitbox toolset is accepted purpose,” Cardona tells “If your app needs any blazon of BCH affiliation at all from anarchy and mnemonics to affairs to signing letters and abundant more, BITBOX is the solution. We accept scaffolds for react, angular, nextjs and nodejs which let you bootstrap a basal BIP44 wallet in any of those frameworks in beneath a minute to advice get bodies up and going.”

Some BCH application/platform ideas:

Bitbox Project Hosts Two Bitcoin Cash Hackathons

The Birth of an Entire Industry

The Bitbox developer says that it’s his ambition to advertise all of the Bitbox appearance as able-bodied as added functionality afterwards the May 15th upgrade. “The BCH toolset has app scaffolds, a cardboard wallet architect and animate with the absolute API of dozens of account methods congenital in —  And already supports the new OP codes and blogs posts are admission with instructions on how to address custom scripts,” Cardona notes.

What do you anticipate about the Bitbox bitcoin banknote alloyed hackathons on April 21 and May 15? Are you aflame that developers are about to get new Op codes that may advice them bear alarming applications for BCH? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about these hackathons in the comments below.

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