Exodus Integrates Bitcoin Cash Into Their Multi-Asset Wallet

Exodus Integrates Bitcoin Cash Into Their Multi-Asset Wallet

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The armpit said, “In our latest update, Exodus welcomes Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) to our ancestors of assets. Thanks to our all-encompassing testing community, both assets fabricated it through our beta affairs and are now appear for official Exodus support!”

Why Bitcoin Cash now?

News.Bitcoin.com accomplished out to co-founder of Exodus, JP Richardson, and asked about the accomplishing of Bitcoin Cash.

Richardson said, “Consistently actuality in the top-10 for 24-hr aggregate fabricated it absurd to avoid Bitcoin Cash.”

This implies the move was primarily fabricated as a aftereffect of chump appeal on the Exodus platform, abnormally back the trading aggregate of Bitcoin Cash has exploded. Richardson, however, does not alone accept in the abiding activity of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Trading and Exodus Assets

Either way, this looks like a solid business move on account of Exodus. According to Coinmarketcap.com, at the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash is trading heavily and is up 13.56%. The anew minted cryptocurrency is currently in a balderdash bazaar afterwards crumbling the aftermost few weeks.

Along with Bitcoin Cash, Exodus additionally added Ethereum Classic to their accessible assets for administration and accumulator on their wallet platform. In the above-mentioned update, they added the Salt ERC-20 token.

Exodus Integrates Bitcoin Cash Into Their Multi-Asset Wallet

What do you anticipate about Exodus? Do you like that they added bitcoin banknote functionality? Let us apperceive in the comments below! 

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