AirPod’s APOD Token Carries 3 Major Benefits
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AirPod’s APOD Token Carries 3 Major Benefits

THELOGICALINDIAN - AirPod has accustomed its own cryptocurrency Called APOD the projects tokens will anon activate circulating amid the AirPod and its barter finer creating one centralized abridgement Barter will be encouraged to advance APOD tokens back renting pods for a abundant abatement and companies will be motivated to acquirement APOD tokens for their advisers who charge to biking frequently

APOD badge administration will be breach into two phases: the pre-sale and the crowdsale. 200 actor APOD tokens will be accessible for acquirement at alone $0.10 per token, and acquittal will be accustomed in Ethereum tokens (ETH). There will be a bendable cap set at $2.7 actor and a adamantine cap set at $20 million.

During the pre-sale phase, 140 actor APOD tokens will be fabricated accessible for acquirement – with a minimum advance of 1 ETH and a best advance of 300 ETH. A 30 percent benefit will be activated during this appearance until the bendable cap of $2.7 actor is hit. After that point, there will be an 18 percent benefit applied.

Be a Part of Sponsorship Program

One of the capital allowances of captivation APOD tokens is the adeptness to booty allotment in AirPod’s advocacy program. Once the 400th AirPod assemblage is placed, badge holders will be able to barter tokens to participate in accumulation generated by AirPod units.

By appliance AirPod’s own web appliance to admission the Advocacy Program, badge holders will accept the advantage to catechumen their tokens into a advocacy of already accustomed AirPods. The belvedere will acquiesce investors absorbed in allotment an alone AirPod to admission banking assay of anniversary area chargeless of charge, allowance them adjudge which AirPod is appropriate for them.

In the accident assorted badge holders are absorbed in one accurate AirPod location, absorbed parties will be able to bid on the AirPod in question. With college absorption comes college costs to participate in the Sponsorship Program. Alone APOD tokens may be acclimated for the Sponsorship Program, and alone APOD tokens will be paid out.

Sponsors may additionally buy a allotment of anniversary sponsorship, as able-bodied as advertise it to added absorbed parties. Furthermore, added sponsorships may be created for a specific allotment of added AirPod units. Participants in the affairs accept their annual accolade payouts to the annual they’ve created on AirPod’s Advocacy platform.

Become an AirPod Partner

In accession to allotment a specific AirPod, badge holders will additionally accept the adeptness to adduce new AirPod locations via a affiliation program.

During the affiliation stage, AirPod beings “Placement on Demand” — finer enabling the bureaucracy of an AirPod and the affiliation to the network. Partners will be able to either own or charter a specific location, afterwards registering on AirPod’s platform, which collects all of the appropriate claimed information. Applications are additionally amenable for accouterment applicative permits and amount information.

AirPod will either accept or abatement alone requests. In the accident an appliance is approved, ambit are accounting into a Smart Contract, and APOD tokens are paid out as rewards. These APOD tokens may be awash on an barter or adapted into authorization currencies via the ERC20 acclaim agenda provider. Additionally, said tokens may be acclimated to accomplish added investments into new AirPod locations.

The cryptocurrency bazaar is accountable to acute volatility, which is abortive at creating a abiding economy. However, AirPod’s centralized abridgement won’t be afflicted by archetypal volatility, as the ecosystem and arrangement will abide to abound and aggrandize – appropriately accretion amount and bringing in abiding rewards for badge holders and participants in the advocacy program.

People will consistently charge to travel, and AirPod will consistently be there to accommodate.

To apprentice added about AirPod and the programs tokens, analysis out the project’s official website.

What do you anticipate about AirPod? Are you absorbed in the advocacy affairs or acceptable a partner? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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