Exclusive Interview with The Vericoin Team
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Exclusive Interview with The Vericoin Team

THELOGICALINDIAN - Nowadays addition seems to be the ammunition that steams the cryptocurrency ecosystem Every Developer Aggregation is aggravating to accord their best contributes but still the bazaar is allurement for new appearance to accomplish the use of crypto currencies more accessible One of the Teams who aim to be on the bend of addition is the VRC Vericoin Aggregation The VRC activity has been one of those works that accept absolutely apparent aerial affection abstruse improvements in the acreage The Aggregation composed by Patrick Nosker Douglas Pike and David Boehm has been the aboriginal aggregation in crypto ecosystem to actively abet and absolutely present itself about to the association unravelling their affairs and able charge to their project

Following the contempo contest with the Mintpal VRC wallets attack, the aggregation took activity and prevented the worst.

We approved to get some acumen about the activity and this contempo accident in a abutting chat with P. Nosker:


Can you acquaint us a little bit of Vericoin roadmap?

Our primary ambition is to accompany cryptocurrency to the masses. We are alive to accomplish it as accessible to use as possible. We accept appear accoutrement to use vericoin on a corpuscle buzz (VeriSMS/Android wallet), use it to pay for things in Bitcoin (VeriBit), and are alive to accomplish it accessible to buy and advertise VeriCoin application USD.

When did you aboriginal met your aggregation and how did you appear up with VRC?

(From Patrick’s perspective): David was my academy acquaintance at Rutgers University and Doug is alive on his PhD forth with me additionally at Rutgers University. We accept been absorbed in cryptocurrency since Satoshi’s whitepaper but accomplished that Bitcoin is a bigger large-value abundance (slow transaction times, aerial activity dependence, etc.) and there was no “cash” agnate that is geared for the masses. We fabricated VeriCoin fast (10x faster than Bitcoin), and ecofriendly (no mining). We are amalgam easy-to-use appearance to acquiesce for accumulation adoption.

What are your expectations for basic currencies and what do you anticipate will be the role of Vericoin in the approaching of “Cryptocurrency”?

We anticipate cryptocurrency as an alternation to accepted forms of amount stores. In our minds: Bitcoin = gold (slow, but stable, mineable), Litecoin = argent (faster, beneath stable, mineable), and VeriCoin = banknote (fastest, not mineable).


Last Sunday, 13th of July Mintpal suffered a awful advance that acquired the barter to lose all the vericoins in stack. I heard your aggregation came up with a solution. Can you explain us what was fabricated to anticipate this robbery?

We noticed the baseborn bill and antipodal the blockchain to a time afore the hack. We fabricated a actual boxy accommodation but in our minds it was the alone accessible band-aid to the botheration that would accumulate VeriCoin from actuality attacked.

Your aggregation has been absolutely alive back Vericoin launch. Back its actual beginning, vericoin has presented new technology such as sms payments. You accept been authoritative astronomic abstruse developments and upgrades; can you acquaint us a little bit added about this upgrades and appearance that assure VRC uniqueness?

We don’t accept any capacity to allotment but we are advanced on authoritative VeriCoin advantageous for the masses.

 Do you anticipate that there will be others afterward and cloning Vericoin Technological and appropriate features?

Yes. VeriSMS has been cloned as has VeriBit. When somebody makes article advantageous on an accessible antecedent platform, alluringly those account will be adopted by others. We are flattered others accede our appearance to be article they appetite to clone.

 The association has already apparent some animal moves before. What would be your acknowledgment to a appetizing angle that could end or beat Vericoin activity or could advance to apathy Vericoin’s Team antecedent angle and planning?

We are not authoritative VeriCoin to get affluent but because we saw a absolute gap in the crypto world. We saw a abandoned unfilled, too abounding scams and too abounding non-innovative bill aggravating to advance accumulation adoption. The two added developers and I are blessed with our accepted lives and don’t anticipate “selling out.”

Special Thanks to the VRC Team.

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