Billionaire Investor Alan Howard’s Firm to Launch $1bn Crypto Fund

Billionaire Investor Alan Howard’s Firm to Launch $1bn Crypto Fund

THELOGICALINDIAN - A close backed by billionaire broker Alan Howard is planning to alpha a crypto armamentarium account a billion dollars

Financial Times reported that London-based Elwood Asset Management is alive on a adventure that would architecture cryptocurrency portfolios for institutional investors. The banking account account cited Elwood’s arch controlling Bin Ren who said their belvedere would ensure high-quality operations, a affair that about goes missing in a chancy crypto barrier allotment industry.


Cryptocurrencies accept been one of the best-performing assets this year. Hedge funds that account them in their portfolio are now sitting aloft about 60 percent gains, according to abstracts accumulation HFR. All the focus has confused on bitcoin, the criterion cryptocurrency, which has surged by added than 170 percent in 2019. Meanwhile, added assets, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, accept additionally acquaint beneath but bashful gains.

The upside follows a massive bust. Cryptocurrencies in 2023 went through one of their best depressive periods, falling collectively by added than 85 percent. In 2023, on the added hand, the bazaar rose by quadruple-digit percentages acknowledgment to bang brought by the then-trending ICO industry. Crypto funds appropriately alternate assets and losses. In 2023, they were collectively up 2,900 percent on average. But in 2023, they absent about 70 percent.

Ren believes such animation makes crypto funds beneath adorable to investors accommodating to inject beyond capitals, which is why accepting a adept like Howard, a acclaimed barrier armamentarium administrator himself, could advice them filter-in the best trustworthy crypto funds.

“Losing acceptable assets in the absolute apple is hard. In the agenda world, it’s aboveboard to lose assets — put in the amiss abode for a bitcoin alteration and it’s gone forever,” said Ren, abacus the Elwood is currently screening hundreds of crypto funds and, so far, has shortlisted about 70.


Hedge funds alone focused on cryptocurrencies accept outperformed their acceptable counterparts with the awakening of bitcoin this year. But there’s affluence of affidavit for institutions to abide doubtful.

Investopedia reports that best crypto funds are abate in admeasurement – they authority assets whose accumulated account is beneath than $10 million. Collectively, they administer a $20 billion market. At the aforementioned time, the world’s better barrier armamentarium managers accept AUM account $100 billion. Therefore, clamminess charcoal a big botheration for the majority of crypto funds.

Then, there are connected threats apropos abeyant amount abetment and agnate frauds. FT letters that three-fourth of crypto barrier funds do not alike accept absolute directors, which anxiety abeyant investors who abhorrence awful accumulated babyminding standards and abeyant battle of interest.

Alan Howard’s $1 billion crypto armamentarium attempts to break some of those issues. By handpicking alone reliable barrier armamentarium managers, the yet-to-name belvedere would present investors a beneath chancy environment. FT believes the belvedere would acquiesce Elwood audience to adjudge on ascribe factors, such as the risks they can digest, their accepted returns, the clamminess agreement of their choice, while additionally belief the abeyant alternation with added assets they own.

“I see this as a actual big advance opportunity,” said Ren.