BIT.AC Launches Innovative Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet Platform

BIT.AC Launches Innovative Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet Platform

THELOGICALINDIAN - LONDON UKThe founders of BITAC accept appear the barrage of their crypto bill agenda wallet The belvedere promises to be the best adult agenda wallet to affection a builtin burning barter In accession to effectively assuming the functions of a accepted agenda crypto wallet BITAC enables users to seamlessly and instantly catechumen one blazon of crypto bill into another

As the abstraction of a accumulating of adherent Bitcoin fanatics and IT aegis professionals, the BIT.AC belvedere was created with austere Bitcoin enthusiasts in mind. The account promises a fast-opening wallet that accommodates 13 altered crypto currencies (and counting) in an intuitive, convenient interface. Not alone does BIT.AC acquiesce the user to cautiously accelerate and accept altered forms of crypto currency, the account additionally offers top ante of barter for users. Clients can instantly catechumen their crypto bill into whatever architecture they like, and all at the best ante accessible in the marketplace. The account is adjustable and practical—clients can alike accelerate Bitcoin and added crypto currencies over email.

Philipp Schnabel, CEO of BIT.AC, believes his artefact can accommodate the way Bitcoin is used. Says Schnabel,

The BIT.AC belvedere is consistently evolving, with appearance and currencies added regularly. In accession to a fast and acceptable adaptable wallet for Android smartphone users, the account additionally offers a different and assisting associate affairs for audience who allure new users to the apple of crypto currency. In fact, BIT.AC is currently alms affiliates up to 50% agency on transaction fees incurred by applicant referrals.

BIT.AC is now affable new accounts at


BIT.AC Limited is a aggregation formed by a accumulation of Bitcoin enthusiasts with all-encompassing IT aegis experience. The agenda wallet is currently accordant with 13 altered crypto currencies, and offers a congenital barter to acquiesce for seamless and burning about-face amid crypto currencies. Learn added at