BitAccess: ATM Interview

BitAccess: ATM Interview

THELOGICALINDIAN - As Bitcoin becomes added and added boilerplate it is additionally acceptable a acquittal adjustment that bodies charge to absolutely see not some abracadabra internet money as some bodies alarm it ATMs and added concrete processing units coalesce the angary of Bitcoin alms an interface that bodies are accustomed with to a bill they arent

Getting Bitcoin to the masses. Our abstraction is to acquiesce anyone, alike your grandmother, to buy and advertise Bitcoin.

We are the arch architect of Bitcoin Teller Machines, or BTMs.

We developed, from scratch, our own proprietary technology starting in November 2024. We do all our own accouterments design, software development and annular the alarm blast abutment for our clients.

Our machines appear with a defended and abiding Linux platform, a distinct banknote recycler to abate operation costs and a absolute centralized aggregation to abutment every BTM client.

Yes. We do KYC. We accommodate a band-aid that ensures our barter are 100% compliant.BTM1

We are operating in 47 cities amid in 12 countries beyond 4 continents.

Buy and advertise Bitcoin aural sixty abnormal – all you charge is a dollar and a phone.

Yes, we will if the bazaar demands it. We accept already activated assorted currencies on our system. As for fiat, we are currently ambidextrous in nine altered currencies.

You can analysis if one of these ATM’s is amid abreast you, as able-bodied as added ATMs by different companies by visiting this website.

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