Is Bitcoin a Better Bet Against ‘Legal Crooks’?

Is Bitcoin a Better Bet Against ‘Legal Crooks’?

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitcoin has not had the best of weeks so far but its 8 accelerate is aloof a bleep compared to what the US Federal Reserve has been accomplishing afresh The axial coffer has ramped up its bailout or repo arrangement by injecting added money into the banking system

FED Repo Payments Dwarfs Bitcoin

Last anniversary the US Federal Reserve injected added than the absolute cryptocurrency bazaar assets aback into the banking system. These repurchase agreements (repo) are a anatomy of concise borrowing for dealers in government securities. The borrowers are generally banks that use the banknote to accounts positions in the market.

According to Bloomberg, the FED injected $278 billion into the repo bazaar over four canicule aftermost week, so that banks could accommodated their clamminess needs. The accepted bitcoin and crypto bazaar cap is aloof over $200 billion so let that bore in for a while …

This anniversary those repo payments accept been ramped up afresh from $75 billion per day to $120 billion according to CNBC. Lebanese-American columnist and scholar, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, appropriately acicular out the futility of the accepted cyberbanking system.

Naturally, Fed admiral and bankers were quick to abolish the clamminess breakdown and avert their accomplishments admitting US admiral Trump had added ideas. In a recent tirade, he alleged for abrogating absorption ante afresh labeling policymakers as

Goldbug Peter Schiff, who has recently started to acclaim bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, was quick to respond afar the above problems with the accepted system.

The autograph may already be on the bank for the US economy. With the civic debt now at almanac levels about to beat $23 abundance according to, $17 abundance in bonds common assuming abrogating yields, and an ascent US-China barter war the course has already turned.

Bitcoin may accept had a bit of a bleep this anniversary in agreement of amount but it is still a fundamentally bigger bet than banks and authorization at the moment. When not if, the abutting banking crisis takes authority BTC may be the savior for a few, and now that it has become a domiciliary name that few may become many.

Will the banks account addition all-around recession? Will bitcoin prove itself as an able safe anchorage bet? Add your thoughts below.

Images via Shutterstock, Twitter: @nntaleb