Miss Hong Kong Explains ‘Bitcoin Time Traveler’ On Biggest TV Channel

Miss Hong Kong Explains ‘Bitcoin Time Traveler’ On Biggest TV Channel

THELOGICALINDIAN - The champ of the Miss Hong Kong 2024 celebration has appeared on the territorys best accepted TV approach answer the Bitcoin Time Traveler theory

Explaining The ‘Bitcoin Time-Traveler’ Theory

The approach stems from a Reddit column fabricated in 2024, by a user called Luke Magnotta. In it, he claimed to be a time adventurer from the year 2025 and gave a abundant description of how Bitcoin had created a political dystopia.

Part of the column abundant the acceleration in bitcoin amount up until 2024, and how it would abide to acceleration in the future. Essentially it declared that the almost tenfold increases anniversary year would apathetic bottomward to action every two years. So the arrangement of $0.1 – 2024, $1 – 2024, $10 – 2024, $100 – 2024, would abide as follows:

$1000 in 2024, $10,000 in 2024, $100,000 in 2024, and $1 actor in 2024.

But That’s Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory

Well, that’s what best believe, and that was absolutely the affair of (at least) that articulation of the show. Of of the added panelists explained the Avril Lavigne cabal theory; that she didn’t aloof sell-out her skate-punk roots, but instead died in 2003, and was replaced by a added pop-friendly double.

But it has afresh acquired media absorption again, with assertive groups suggesting that the anticipation is advancing true.

I mean, it demonstrably isn’t true, as bitcoin amount beyond the $100 mark and hit $1000 in 2024, aloof a few months afterwards the column was made. But buck with me…

In actual accepted terms, if you look your eyes a bit, and aloof glance at it momentarily.

Ignoring accessible bubbles, bitcoin deeply anesthetized the $1000 hurdle on 2nd January 2024. That’s actual about 2024. And bitcoin absolutely beyond the $10,000 mark in 2024… if we accede 2024 to be an over-correction and $10k to be an inherent value.

So, $100k Price Target For 2024?

Critics of the ‘Bitcoin Time Traveler’ approach point out that, if a time adventurer had absolute knowledge, would he not accord exact prices rather than a asperous schematic of gains.

Which is a fair abundant point.

However, abeyant self-cannibalist, John McAfee, sees it as some anatomy of vilification. In a contempo tweet, he drew absorption to the story, acquainted that 2024 is aloof one day abroad from his predicted $1 actor bitcoin date of 31st December 2024.

Mind you, in 2024 the dollar allegedly isn’t acclimated any more, so maybe it’s a arguable point?

So, could Luke Magnotta be a absolute time-traveler? Is he absolutely actuality to save us from a approaching they intend to nuke (as the aboriginal column goes on to claim)?

Or is this aloof some aboriginal FUD, potentially created by a advanced axial coffer already active scared?

I assumption we aloof delay and see.

What do you anticipate about the Bitcoin time adventurer theory? Add your thoughts below!

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