For Sale:, $100,000

For Sale:, $100,000


There are still means to accomplish money in a buck market, if you apperceive area to look. Some investors cycle the dice on long-shot bill or renamed ICOs. Or, you could chase the accomplish of one consecutive investor: broad on area name associated with a accepted cryptocurrency, and ask for a sack of money if they appetite to use it.

The CEO of a adventure basic close and an aboriginal date broker in Zcash (ZEC) has allegedly offered to advertise the area name to the aloofness bread activity for a appear six-figure sum.

Steven Nerayoff, who founded Maple Ventures in 2008, said he “wanted six figures”  for the area name, according to a antecedent abutting to the Zcash Company. The source, who declared Nerayoff as “personally squatting” on the name, said he may not accept accomplished he was speaking to a adumbrative of the Zcash project.

The area name is currently empty. A blooming banderole at the top of the folio includes a articulation which takes users to a “Domain Action Form”. The subheading reads: “Make an action application the anatomy below. $10,000 Minimum action on ALL domains.” Although US dollars are preferred, offers in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC)are also considered.”

Zcash is not listed as a acquittal option.

Based in New York, Steven Nerayoff describes himself on his LinkedIn contour as a “serial entrepreneur, attorney, and artist of 20 all-embracing patents.”

His venture basic firm, Maple Ventures, has a accurate absorption in blockchain payments systems. It provided basic to the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company – the arch development close abaft Zcash –  in barter for disinterestedness during the aboriginal fundraise stage in 2024.

When Crypto Briefing reached out to Nerayoff for comment, he replied via email that he was a “vocal adherent and broker in the Zcash project.” A adumbrative additionally said that his area name business dealt with “many dark brokers or accidental requests from the internet for some of the domains that Steven owns and/or manage.” 

Due to the clandestine attributes of some of his deals, Nerayoff said he was clumsy to accommodate any “additional detail” about any offers for the auction of the area name.

Nerayoff isn’t the aboriginal crypto-entrepreneur to hodl a area name. After the Bitcoin Cash fork, Roger Ver was accused of artful new investors through his website. Perhaps the best acclaimed case was Matt Blaze, who awash the area name to an ICO company, again alleged Monaco. According to The Verge, the accord could accept been account up to $10 million.

The columnist is invested in agenda assets, including BTC and ETH which are mentioned in this article.

The latest Lightning app is declared to be about bolstering crypto adoption, by highlighting the artlessness of Bitcoin’s second-layer payments network. Instead, it brought absorption to the actuality that the basement for decentralized micropayments still has a continued way to go. is a recently-launched Chrome addendum that allows users users to accelerate satoshi-sized tips over the Lightning Network, with a simple button anchored in Twitter. The angled button was advance into the spotlight back Twitter arch Jack Dorsey approved how accessible it is to use, and the affection crashed shortly thereafter due to an active server.

Dorsey was angled 12,362 satoshis, which at the time was account about $0.49

Tippin isn’t the alone arrangement for crypto-micropayments. The XRP association has its own angled feature, too.

XRP TipBot analogously lets users accelerate and accept crypto donations — in XRP — on Twitter. eToro Senior Analyst Mati Greenspan remarked on the “custom” of online angled in his circadian bazaar update, saying:

“Tipping agreeable creators is arguably one of the best boilerplate use cases for internet money, the custom has been animate and thriving in China for added than a decade already. The alone aberration is that in the East, it’s added of a bankrupt ecosystem that was set up by Tencent, and I’m captivated to see that as it catches on in the West, bodies are amalgam with some of the top cryptos.”

Greenspan additionally provided greater ambience on the absorption in crypto, acquainted that Google searches for bitcoin are on the acceleration admitting the actuality that they abide beneath bitcoin “plunge” levels in November.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin acceptance is additionally strengthening, as apparent by throughput aerial at about 3.87 affairs per second. The trend of ascent BTC acceptance is actuality fueled, in part, by college acceptance in  arising economies facilitated by platforms such as LocalBitcoins.

Tippin’s Potential

The better criticism of Tippin is the careful attributes of the wallet. If gets hacked, so too do the funds on the platform.

Nonetheless, it has absorbed the crypto association with a child-like wonder. Economist and bitcoin broker Tuur Demeester, the founding accomplice at Adamant Capital, is amid those who are bullish on the angled feature.

Tippin has the abeyant to be that killer…Chrome addendum that the association has been cat-and-mouse for.

It’s already bent on like bonfire aural the crypto community, and it’s article that could abound added in arising economies such as Venezuela, area every little bit has an impact.

The affair about Tippin is that its acceptance was a surprise, alike to the architect of the tool. Sergio Abril, who is allotment the activity with his own money and “Taco” donations on his website, was “quite overwhelmed” back Twitter’s Dorsey active up, accretion it up as a “crazy day.”

Little did he apperceive that it was about to get crazier already the servers overloaded. Later, he apprenticed the community to “give our servers a break.”  Sergio admits “it works (most of the time at least!)!” Meanwhile, servers are actuality upgraded and “everything will be aback to normal” shortly.

The columnist is invested in agenda assets, but none mentioned in this article.