Mining Pool Finds Accidental 80 BTC Fee – Offers a Refund

Mining Pool Finds Accidental 80 BTC Fee – Offers a Refund

THELOGICALINDIAN - On July 7th the mining basin BTCcom mined a block that independent a transaction with an 80 BTC fee absorbed BTCcom believes the fee was an blow as the transaction fee should accept been around2 BTC and the basin is attractive to accord the sender a refund

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BTC.Com Finds an 80 BTC Fee and Offers to Pay the User Back

Mining Basin Finds an Adventitious 80 BTC Fee Offers a RefundThe China-based mining basin was afraid to acquisition a transaction in a block they mined tethered to an 80 BTC fee ($200,000 USD). The adventitious fee is a ample one, but this blazon of adventure has happened abounding times over the years. The mining basin says they are not absorbed in befitting the money and would like to pay the user aback if they can verify it was their transaction.

“Recently, mined a block absolute a transaction that agitated a amazing 80BTC fee,” explains the mining pool’s blog post. “Obviously, something’s up with that. All things said and done; the actual fee should accept been about 2 BTC.”

The Curious Case of Accidental Fees

Mining Basin Finds an Accidental 80 BTC Fee Offers a RefundAccidental fees accept happened abounding times throughout bitcoin’s existence. Aback in April of 2016, the Bitclub Network mined block #409,008 which had a 291 BTC fee absorbed to a transaction. At the time the transaction was account almost $135,000, and no one anytime came advanced to affirmation buying afterwards Bitclub said they would accord the fee back. Following this incident, the Bitclub mining basin donated bisected the funds to the Bitcoin Foundation.

This accomplished March reported on a Bitmain chump who overpaid 2.5 BTC in a transaction mined by the company’s Antpool. The adventitious fee sender took his adventure to cryptocurrency forums, and the basin gave the funds aback to him.

“First of all, this aberration was acquired by himself, and we don’t booty albatross for this,” explains Bitmain’s chump support. “But acknowledge you for all of your abutment and actual assurance for Antpool and Bitmain, our aggregation has absitively to pay his loss.”

Paying Accidental Fees Back Is Not Required, but Many Pools Have Offered a Refund

Back in 2013 the mining basin Asicminer begin an overpaid 200 BTC fee. According to letters the pool’s abettor “Friedcat” refunded the fee anon afterwards award the block. At the time bitcoin association associates alleged Friedcat a hero for auspicious added pools to pay accidents like these back. In 2014 BTC Guild begin an adventitious 30 BTC transaction and gave the user aback a atom of the loss.

Miners don’t accept to fix these mistakes or balance bodies for fee errors, but best of them accept paid them aback or accept offered to back these issues arise.

What do you anticipate about the 80 BTC fee found? Do you anticipate miners should accord bodies a acquittance for their mistakes? Let us apperceive what you anticipate in the comments below.

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