Blockchain-Based Decentralized P2P IOU Platform, Sikoba Launches Pre-Sale Ahead of Token ICO

Blockchain-Based Decentralized P2P IOU Platform, Sikoba Launches Pre-Sale Ahead of Token ICO

THELOGICALINDIAN - Londonbased decentralized money belvedere Sikoba has appear its accessible ICO with a badge presale The blockchainsupported belvedere is based on P2P IOUs and the crowdsale will accord participants the befalling to accept a 50 benefit on SKO tokens a cryptocurrency advised to ammunition affairs aural the Sikoba belvedere The ICO will booty abode amid April 25 and May 15 2024

Sikoba’s decentralized money belvedere allows users to action anniversary added alternate curve of credit, aural a blockchain-based IOU system. The P2P acclaim arrangement is fabricated accessible through assorted acute affairs and gives users the abandon to pay anniversary added with authorization and cryptocurrencies. Sikoba’s acute affairs accept defined conditions, fee structures and claim rules to accumulate the acclaim relationships in order.

The belvedere employs a ’credit conversion’ arrangement that additionally allows users who do not assurance anniversary added to barter acclaim safely. On Sikoba, authorization currencies or cryptocurrencies can act as a average of barter back there are no acclaim links amid participants, or to accord outstanding balances back needed.

Sikoba’s CEO Aleksander Kampa afresh bidding the company’s ambition for the decentralized belvedere to advance into an absolutely absolute and self-organizing article eventually. The Sikoba blockchain could accomplish this application its ‘federated Blockchain’ design. This different blockchain is self-governing, which allows the accession and abatement of participants, based on the affiliate voting consensus.

Sikoba’s CEO Aleksander Kampa

Kampa additionally declared that Sikoba would best acceptable use Ethereum as a notary, but still accomplish its primary operations on its own or addition blockchain. The blockchain will be called based on the accordant belief of scalability, flexibility, and speed.

Sikoba operates with a baby development team, aided by several important acknowledging members. Still in the pre-alpha stage, Sikoba’s IOU belvedere is not accepted to be absolutely operational until appear the end of 2024. SKO badge presale funds will be appointed for the amplification of the Sikoba team, to agree a abundant whitepaper and advance an MVP by the year end.

The Sikoba belvedere aims to action a absolutely activity basic acclaim or IOU arrangement that offers users the adeptness to attain accepted value, adopted from addition actor after absolution any funds. SKO tokens serve as a blazon of agenda acclaim and accept the abeyant to become a above aspect of the future acclaim system.

Sikoba ICO Token Pre-Sale

The Sikoba presale tokens are appointed for absolution by the end of June 2017. Participants will accept accessible SKO tokens afterwards the platform’s launch, accepted in Q3, 2018. The pre-allocation appearance has amorphous on 17 March 2017, and the accessible presale will alpha on 25 April.

Following the presale, Sikoba presale tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. They will after become changeable into SKO tokens, which will be acclimated to pay for transaction fees on the Sikoba network.

What do you anticipate of Sikoba’s blockchain-based IOU system? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

Images address of Sikoba, Pixabay