Exclusive Q&A with BraveNewCoin: Home of Crypto

Exclusive Q&A with BraveNewCoin: Home of Crypto

THELOGICALINDIAN - BraveNewCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange but it goes added than that For archetype booty a attending at their amount index

BraveNewCoin categorises cryptocurrencies into three capital basis groups; the BNC Index, BNC 2.0 and BNC Sovereign. Each is alone selectable for the BNC bread baronial table.

But they go added than that, accouterment advantageous and accordant advice such as Market Weighted Averages, Price Conversions, Fiat Exchange Rates, and Currency Conversion tools.

So yes, I did ask how it compares to CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap, but that isn’t an apples to apples comparison. Here’s what Fran had to say about this:

And here’s why Fran absitively to accomplish BraveNewCoin in the aboriginal place:

It seems Fran is adamantine at assignment abaft this project, and has a lot in abundance for this coin, added than what it provides already:

Personally, I accept been application BraveNewCoin as a supplement to added websites I use for ecology cryptocurrencies, such as the above CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. But BraveNewCoins has so abounding added appearance than added websites I use, it has become invaluable for me.

For added information, analysis out BraveNewCoin’s Website.