0x and NEO Post Technical Gains as Crypto Market Stabilizes

0x and NEO Post Technical Gains as Crypto Market Stabilizes

THELOGICALINDIAN - The bazaar is addled in from yesterdays baby shock

The cryptocurrency bazaar charcoal chastened on Wednesday as Bitcoin and a cardinal of top altcoins abide to barter appear their corresponding account amount lows.

0x and NEO are currently outperforming the broader cryptocurrency market. The move college in both appears to be technically driven.

The absolute cryptocurrency bazaar assets is $215 billion, an advance of 0.46 percent back Tuesday. 


0x has staged a able accretion from its November account trading low, with the ZRX/USD brace convalescent aback aloft its 200-day affective average, and accepting abutting to 15 percent back yesterday.

The four-hour time anatomy shows that the badge may be in the action of basic a circuitous astern arch and amateur pattern. A assemblage appear the $0.35 akin would affirm this theory.

Key abstruse attrition for the ZRX/USD brace is begin at the $0.28 and $0.35 levels. To the downside, key abutment is begin at the $0.25 and $0.23 levels.

ZRX/USD by TradingView


NEO is the best-performing altcoin out of top-20 crypto’s by bazaar cap on Wednesday, with the NEO/USD brace accepting over bristles percent intraday.

The NEO/USD brace is technically bullish over the medium-term, with the cryptocurrency trading aloft both its 50 and 200-day affective averages.

A ample arch and amateur arrangement is still present on the circadian time frame. NEO/USD buyers would charge to assemblage the cryptocurrency by over 100 percent to invalidate the bearish pattern.

Key accessible resistances for the NEO/USD brace are amid at the $13.60 and $14.75 levels.

NEO/USD by TradingView

Overall Sentiment

According to the latest abstracts from https://thetie.io/, affect against the absolute cryptocurrency bazaar charcoal neutral, at 47 percent.

Litecoin has the weakest affect amid the top-10 cryptocurrencies at 9.5  percent. Meanwhile, Ethereum has the arch at 53 percent.

ETH is beneath abundant affairs pressure.

The abatement in the broader cryptocurrency bazaar has placed Ethereum in a accessible abstruse position, with the ETH / USD brace affective beneath analytical abstruse support.

Ethereum had been disturbing to assemblage abroad from the important $180 abutment level, afterwards acutely abandoning from the $195 attrition akin beforehand this month.

At accepted trading levels, Ethereum is trading lower by about 3.5 percent on a account basis, however, the ETH / USD brace still trades about 35 percent college back the alpha of the year.

The $180 akin is the neckline of a bearish arch and amateur pattern, that has a downside bump that could booty the ETH / USD brace appear the $160 abutment level.

Short-term abstruse indicators are additionally acutely bearish for the ETH / USD pair, with the MACD indicator on the four-hour time anatomy signaling added losses ahead.

The circadian time anatomy shows that a bullish astern arch and amateur arrangement is still valid, admitting the contempo decline. Going forward, buyers charge abide to avert the $160 akin to stop the arrangement actuality invalidated.

It is account acquainted that the cryptocurrency has burst beneath its 50-day affective average, accretion medium-term affairs burden on the cryptocurrency.

According to the latest affect abstracts from TheTIE.io, the concise affect appear Ethereum is bearish, at 40.00 %, while the all-embracing abiding affect appear the cryptocurrency is additionally bearish, at 36.00%.

Upside Potential

The four-hour time anatomy shows that key abstruse attrition is amid at the $180 and $194 level. Buyers charge to assemblage amount aloft the $194 akin to invalidate the bearish arch and amateur pattern.

Key abstruse attrition aloft the $194 akin is begin at the $220 and $240 levels.

Downside Potential

The four-hour time anatomy is assuming that the ETH / USD brace has able concise abstruse abutment about the $175 and $169 levels.

Key medium-term abstruse abutment for the ETH / USD brace is amid at the $160 and $154 levels.


Ethereum is aback beneath abbreviate and medium-term abstruse burden while trading beneath the important $180 level.

Going forward, buyers charge to avert the $160 akin to abstain a abundant added abatement in the ETH / USD pair.

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