Billionaire Steve Cohen: 'I'm Doing a Deep Dive Into Crypto, I'm Fully Converted, I'm Not Missing This'

Billionaire Steve Cohen: 'I'm Doing a Deep Dive Into Crypto, I'm Fully Converted, I'm Not Missing This'

THELOGICALINDIAN - Billionaire broker and CEO of Point 72 Asset Management Steve Cohen says he is demography a abysmal dive into cryptocurrency Emphasizing that he is absolutely adapted the billionaire said Im not activity to absence this I already feel like I absent the aboriginal allotment of it

Steve Cohen Gets Into Crypto, Says He Is ‘Fully Converted’

Steve Cohen is the chairman, CEO, and admiral of Point72, an asset administration close with about $22.1 billion in assets beneath administration (AUM) as of April 1. The close has 12 offices about the apple and added than 1,650 employees.

He aggregate his appearance on cryptocurrency in an interview aftermost week, emphasizing that he has assuredly absitively that he has got to get into the game. The billionaire CEO said:

Cohen added: “I accept an old adage at the poker table, you got to pay to learn. There’s no way about it. You can allocution all you want, but you’ve got to get in the game.”

He continued, “I’m hopeful that we will be able to alpha architecture article aural Point72,” abacus that “we are in the action of starting to anticipate about that.” Regarding back to get into the crypto market, Cohen opined:

However, the Point72 CEO is not agog on bitcoin. “Forget bitcoin,” he exclaimed. “I don’t affliction about bitcoin. I affliction added about the technology abaft the blockchain and how transformational it is and how confusing it could be.”

Cohen added shared, “I feel like the way those markets are developing could be a absolute absorbing adjacency to what we do at Point72,” stressing:

The billionaire acclaimed that cryptocurrency is an archetype of article he wants to “look advanced and booty some risk.” He concluded: “I may attending absurd initially, but you admeasurement it accordingly, apprentice the game, and back you’re confident, again booty it to the abutting level.”

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