Director Cannucciari on Making

Director Cannucciari on Making "Banking on Bitcoin"

THELOGICALINDIAN - A affection blur on Bitcoin alleged Banking on Bitcoin is setto be appear on January 6 2024Produced by Gravitas Ventures the blur will awning abounding of the spaces bestknown players such asCharlie ShremBarry Silbert Erik Voorhees Nathaniel Popper and more

Also Read: ‘Life on Bitcoin’ is Easier Than Producing a Film About It batten with administrator Christopher Cannucciari, the film’s director, about why he set out to accomplish a bitcoin film.

“Set to change the world”


Why did you accept to accomplish a bitcoin film?

CC: It’s interesting. It’s an open-source project, so anybody brings to it what they can. I can’t program. I hoped to accompany what I could with filmmaking to the apple of bitcoin, and to a added audience, who accept maybe heard about Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, Charlie Shrem and the Silk Road.

The blur doesn’t pretend these things didn’t happen, but hopes to accommodate some context. Maybe they were advised agonizingly or maybe these things are all-important for article to abound like bitcoin has. You accept to booty the acceptable with the bad and see what you are larboard with. At the end of the day, bitcoin is this open-source activity so able it is alteration people’s lives.

BN: What was your acquaintance with bitcoin back you started filming added than three years ago?

CC: I came as a complete alien to bitcoin in 2024, admitting I was consistently absorbed the technology. I appear to it with a filmmaker’s perspective. I had had one acquaintance with agenda currency. I formed on a abbreviate documentary in Africa in 2024, area there was political agitation and the banks were closed. Pre-Safaricom in east Africa, instead of bodies trading money from one end of country to the other, they traded buzz credits.

Using buzz credits was an amoebic acquaintance abstraction that arose out of the necessity. That was a atypical abstraction and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t that be air-conditioned if we could be so advanced cerebration actuality in the US or developed world. When bitcoin was on the acceleration in 2012-2024, I was watching it actively to see if this could be that abutting footfall in the change of money, and I anticipate it is. I was absolutely admiring to the abstraction of emailable money.

The Bitcoin Community

What jumped out at you while authoritative the film?

CC: The association abaft accepting bitcoin into the boilerplate has been amazing. There were all these cypherpunks in the nineties. They had this abstraction of cryptocurrency, and maybe others afore that. It absolutely took an upswell of the bitcoin association to get the atypical abstraction of bitcoin on the map. That was alarming to see.


No End Point to Bitcoin

What was the hardest allotment of authoritative a blur about bitcoin?

CC: The hardest affair is, ‘When do you stop filming a adventure about bitcoin?’ There is no end point to bitcoin. For me, the blur became about the aboriginal bitcoin utopians and programmers cerebration bitcoin could booty ability abroad from the banks. The abstraction of this accessible balance admiring bodies aboriginal on. So, for me the catechism was, ‘What is the acknowledgment from civic government, and what is the acknowledgment from banks, activity to be if this is article in action to what they do? How are they activity to respond? Is bitcoin anytime activity to get big abundant for them to respond.’

Sure abundant that was happening. The adjustment of bitcoin businesses in New York accompaniment with the BitLicense was a moment area I thought, ‘This could be the affection of the story.’ I wondered, ‘Was it acceptable to adapt bitcoin aboriginal on or do you let it grow?’ That was article we were consistently acquainted of, at atomic in New York state.

Bitcoin is additionally absorbing because it’s not physical, and blur is a beheld medium. That was absolutely a challenge. We didn’t appetite to aloof put up cartoon of casascius bill endlessly, abnormally with the accomplished Molly Schwartz accomplishing advance action on the film.

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