Ethereum Co-Creator Steven Nerayoff Joins RCN Advisory Board as Their Global Lending Ecosystem Expands Towards Asia

Ethereum Co-Creator Steven Nerayoff Joins RCN Advisory Board as Their Global Lending Ecosystem Expands Towards Asia

THELOGICALINDIAN - Entrepreneur and adventure backer Steven Nerayoff has abutting the RCN all-around lending activity as a advance adviser Through his adventure basic firms Maple Ventures and Alchemist Ventures Nerayoff founded several blockchainbased companies However he is conceivably best accepted as the cocreator and badge auction artist of the Ethereum activity from its infancy

Nerayoff is now allotment of the RCN team, whose amount associates are the aforementioned aptitude abaft Ripio, the crypto aggregation that was founded in 2024 as one of the Latin America’s aboriginal Bitcoin / blockchain ventures. Asked about his accommodation to accompany RCN, Nerayoff stated:

RCN is a peer-to-peer acclaim agreement based on cosigned acute affairs that affix lenders and borrowers anywhere in the apple and in any bill through the use of RCN tokens, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Having auspiciously aloft over $40 actor during their contempo badge sale, the RCN arrangement has the abeyant to adjust agenda abridgement by accretion acclaim admission for borrowers, eliminating the accident of absence for lenders, and abbreviation agee advice amid arrangement agents.

RCN SVP and lath affiliate David Garcia bidding his amusement at accepting Nerayoff on board:

RCN has partnered with several notable Asian-based crypto projects, including the Exchange Union trading network and popular crypto barter Huobi in an accomplishment to actualize a absolutely all-around lending ecosystem. Working in affiliation with its partners, RCN has the abeyant to action consumers a bigger acclaim another than annihilation abroad currently accessible today.

One of RCN’s most contempo alliances, the Kyber Network decentralized exchange, will advice the aggregation focus on Asia’s burgeoning blockchain space, which includes China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, India, and Indonesia.

About RCN

RCN is a all-around acclaim arrangement agreement based on cosigned acute affairs that affix borrowers and lenders anywhere in the apple and on any currency. The acute affairs affix agents with advice about borrowers’ identities so that they can assay borrowers’ credit accident impartially, appropriately standardizing acclaim lending through blockchain technology. By removing the middlemen and reducing acceptable cyberbanking allowance costs and administration fees, RCN aims to acquiesce bigger altitude for both sides.

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