Rapper 50 Cent ‘Forgot About’ Bitcoin Stash Now Worth $8.5M

Rapper 50 Cent ‘Forgot About’ Bitcoin Stash Now Worth $8.5M

THELOGICALINDIAN - An biting 50 Cent may accept accrued 85 actor in Bitcoin anthology sales he forgot about afterwards admirers purchased Animal Ambition in 2024

The rapper allegedly fabricated the comments in acknowledgment to an analysis by showbusiness annual TMZ, which appropriate copies of the anthology had netted him about 700 BTC, at the time account $400,000.

In beginning comments on Twitter, 50 Cent accepted he was “getting to the bag” amidst a flurry of admonition from cryptocurrency holders, arch amid which was to ‘hodl’ his earnings.

Animal Ambition was a avant-garde in Bitcoin accepting in the music industry back 50 Cent fabricated the somewhat abrupt accommodation to accomplice with BitPay via his Shopify store. At the time, prices were about $660, putting his clear balance at amid $7 actor and $8.5 million.

“Ima accumulate it absolute i forgot i did that sh*t lol,” he added to subscribers on his Instagram profile.

The annual apace unleashed assorted forms of accolade capitalizing on the funds lying abeyant for years, with a committed Twitter apology account, FiddyCrypto, actualization to accord out Blockchain and altcoin tips in accession to assorted agreeable accompanying to 50 Cent himself. The annual has back been deleted.

Animal Ambition is nonetheless a analytical success if the numbers abaft the Bitcoin payments are accurate.

Various projects to ingratiate the music industry with cryptocurrency accept tended to stop abbreviate of boilerplate articles on auction for BTC. Rather, proponents such as Imogen Heap looked to Blockchain as a adjustment of abolition age-old ability structures and redistributing ability to artists.

“Turns out 50 is a money genius,” TMZ meanwhile concludes. Commenting on contempo amount animation in Bitcoin and altcoin markets, the advertisement added “50 ability wanna anticipate about auction anon while the gettin’s still good.”

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