Russian Gym Chain Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Membership

Russian Gym Chain Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Membership

THELOGICALINDIAN - Russianbased sports gym chainNanoFitness has appear it will activate accepting Bitcoin as acquittal for associates and accompanying services

While a merchant announcement the accepting of bitcoin has become a circadian accident and not about as advocate as it was several years ago, it’s not every day that the business is based in Russia.


The St. Petersburg registered aggregation acquaint the announcement on its amusing media folio [loosely translated]:

Interestingly, the advertisement came on January 3, Bitcoin’s eighth birthday, which was apparently not a accompaniment and by addition who has at atomic some ability of the world’s aboriginal cryptocurrency.   


Classic bodybuilding gold advocate and NanoFitness CEO, Dmitry Karpenko fabricated the accommodation to acquire bitcoin afterwards accurate assay and “consultation with fintech experts and an appraisal of ambition admirers preferences,” the advertisement explains.

But ultimately, the accommodation was fabricated in adjustment to coalesce its angel as a forward-thinking aggregation and set itself afar from the antagonism in agreement of chump service.

“We were absorbed in implementing fintech-innovations,” he continues. “And back NanoFitness has developed a addiction to be the aboriginal in the latest and greatest, there was no altercation amid our colleagues about demography advantage of this befalling and action our audience and ally a college akin of account and interaction.” 

Given the abating attitude against Bitcoin by the Russia, as its Tax Service afresh put cryptocurrencies on according footing with adopted currencies, NanoFtiness could be the aboriginal of abounding businesses to (openly) activate all-embracing Bitcoin. This, in accession with the increasing demand for Bitcoin in Russia in general, could create a trend for baby businesses who ability appetite to booty advantage of cryptocurrency’s benefits.

Indeed, the altitude appears to be alteration in Russia for Bitcoin. From threats of an absolute ban to the turnaround acknowledgment of Bitcoin as “objective reality” by the government in aloof a few months.


Additionally, the company’s agents are already accomplished in allowance their barter use bitcoin. The access to anniversary gym additionally proudly displays a QR code, acquainted bitcoin as a acquittal advantage – article that apparently no one could accept predicted even as afresh as a year ago. 

While a Bitcoin ban appears to be now off the table, Bitcoin is still in a array of quasi-legal breadth as a “foreign currency” in the country. So absolutely how the authorities will acknowledge to a business accepting a bill added than the Ruble is anyone’s assumption at this point. Though there’s a appealing acceptable adventitious now that we’ll see a hands-off approach, abnormally back you can buy coffee at Sberbank’s address in Moscow.

Suddenly, the approaching of Bitcoin in Russia appears to be brighter than ever. Meanwhile, Karpenko adds,

Will added Russian businesses chase or will the authorities catch bottomward on new acquittal options? Share your thoughts below!

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