Digital “Ukrainian” for Sale: All Funds Will Be Spent on the Needs of the Army
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Digital “Ukrainian” for Sale: All Funds Will Be Spent on the Needs of the Army

THELOGICALINDIAN - The crypto and NFT association can abutment Ukraine On February 27 a different angel of a Ukrainian soldier with the alarm assurance Ukrainian appeared on OpenSea with all gain from the auction destined to abutment soldiers

This NFT exists to abutment the Ukrainian aegis efforts, so instead of authoritative bids, the authors appetite anybody to use your crypto assets to alteration funds directly to the army.

We accept heard hundreds of belief about bodies acceptable millionaires acknowledgment to NFT, but this one is not as egocentric as others. “The Ukrainian” is a aggregate angel of all the defenders who accept been arresting the Ukrainian acreage back February 24. The capital attributes of the hero are a adventuresome anchor with which he won’t alternate to use to actually drove the enemy, and slogans that will abide in the hearts of Ukrainians continued afterwards this abhorrent war ends: “Glory to Ukraine, celebrity to the heroes! Russian ship, f*ck you!”

The columnist of the NFT is Mykyta, an IT specialist who created the angel in Microsoft Paint while ambuscade in a bomb shelter, after any specific skills:

“We charge weapons to repress the enemy. We accept able and adventurous Ukrainians here. I aloof anticipation that if bodies could absorb hundreds of bags of dollars on monkeys, comics, and cringe-inducing stuff, that money would be actual accessible to our military. It would absolutely save lives. It would save the country. I came up with the appearance quickly. “The Ukrainian” is anniversary of the 44 actor of us. Courageous, brave, assured in his bodies and accessible to avert freedom.”

The Russian aggression of Ukraine took abode on February 24. We accept in our army, but we additionally charge abutment from all over the world. Want to advice Ukraine’s aggressive actuality a foreigner? Here’s what you can do: