BIS Chief Doesn’t Want Central Banks To Issue Cryptocurrency

BIS Chief Doesn’t Want Central Banks To Issue Cryptocurrency

THELOGICALINDIAN - BIS Bank of International Settlements General Manager Agustin Carstens has been at it afresh This time arguing adjoin Central Bank Digital Currencies at the Central Bank of Irelands Annual Whitaker Lecture

BIS: Vested Interest In Legacy Systems

Agustin Carstens absolutely doesn’t appetite annihilation to agitated the cachet quo. You know, the one in which he’s the arch of Coffer for All-embracing Settlements – the axial coffer of axial banks. It’s additionally an alignment that makes a affluence if there isn’t an accessible and bargain way to accomplish all-embracing payments. You know, like, for example, cryptocurrency.

The anniversary address celebrates Ken Whitaker, best of bread-and-butter reform, and governor of the Irish axial coffer from 1969-76. With either a complete abridgement of self-awareness, or a adept butt of post-modern irony, Carstens started with a reference.

Whitaker, forth with added European axial bankers, petitioned the BIS to accommodate representation from added countries on its board. According to Agustin:

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