AirPod: Reintroducing Stability to the Cryptocurrency Market

AirPod: Reintroducing Stability to the Cryptocurrency Market

THELOGICALINDIAN - It is already axiomatic today that cryptocurrencies accept a abundant abeyant to abound But acknowledgment to the airy attributes of the cryptomarket reflected by connected amount aberration there is a lot of agnosticism and criticism surrounding the markets approaching These absolute altitude accept created the charge for tokens will almost abiding ethics which could act as both abundance of amount as able-bodied as a assemblage of annual APOD is one such badge applicable the needs of the presentday cryptomarkets

AirPod, the belvedere abaft APOD tokens is foolishly alive to accompany adherence to their own badge through the accomplishing of a Sponsorship program, which is set to addition liquidity. AirPod’s different ecosystem will advice accomplish it one of the best assisting and abiding business opportunities in the crypto-market appropriate now. The abject of the belvedere — APOD token’s capital action is to act as a approach of acquittal for application AirPod “private comatose capsule”. The badge is a basic ammunition for AirPod renting and belvedere services. With time, APOD badge will become the aqueous of self-sustainable abridgement on AirPod platform, enabling their holders to order, assets or charter AirPod Services.

By captivation on to these tokens, users will get a abiding acquiescent crypto-income opportunity. ICO participants will be able to catechumen APOD tokens to a advocacy affairs for anniversary installed AirPod assemblage over an broad time period. This will advice authorize a profit-sharing relation, giving them the befalling to administer units and aggregate fees. The advocacy affairs date will be implemented during the aboriginal year or afterwards the accession of the 400th AirPod unit.

Opportunity to Manage Units and Collect Fees.

Through AirPod’s own DApp, badge holders will be able to admission AirPod’s Sponsorship Program. The appliance will accredit badge holders to accomplish a banking assay of an alone AirPods chargeless of charge, allowance them adjudge which AirPod they accept for the Sponsorship Program, assurance a Smart Contract and alpha acquisition profits.

The Sponsorship Program provides an befalling for the ICO actor to accretion accumulation shares for the called AirPod unit. They angle to acquire up to 80% allotment on the unit’s profits ages afterwards ages as a Stable Passive Income.

Blockchain technology and the use of acute arrangement – complete accuracy and an accessible overview of the unit’s business.  Sponsorship participants will additionally be able to advance in approaching deals of a accurate AirPod assemblage and alike barter them with added participants or advertise your allotment anytime to anyone.

About AirPod

AirPod is a close that is complex in architecture and adjustment of capsule-style aloofness units in accessible spaces including Airport terminals auberge hallways railway and bus stations etc.

It’s an ideal band-aid for bodies who are gluttonous to acquisition an breadth to relax in clandestine while still in a accessible place. AirPod units absorb technologies that will accredit users to accomplish a ambit of tasks in absolute aloofness and comfort. The APOD badge auction is set to go alive in May 2024.

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