Birthday of the New Blockchain TERA

Birthday of the New Blockchain TERA

THELOGICALINDIAN - Today marks absolutely one year back the barrage of the TERA blockchain network

On July 1, 2024, a different technology was launched that has no analogues to date!

The TERA aggregation reinvented blockchain technology while application its basal and founding principles. This is not a angle of absolute blockchains, it is an aboriginal affairs cipher created from scratch.

TERA is a all-around belvedere for architecture a borderless economy.

TERA offered a band-aid for the absolute blockchain industry, which is aggravating to accomplish this technology absolutely massively attainable and attainable to everyone.

Existing solutions on the bazaar abridgement the accompanying attendance of decentralization, scalability (i.e., throughput) and aegis for accomplishing this goal. Everybody knows the trilemma.

The bazaar leaders in the face of Bitcoin and Ethereum accept accustomed bodies the capital aspect of amount in the anatomy of decentralization acknowledgment to the PoW consensus. The cardinal of nodes in the network, which are block producers, ranges from 5 to 10 thousand. That is why the masses accept called them.

The successors, such as EOS, TRON, and others offered scalability, aerial speeds, but accept confused to centralized solutions, because they chose to opt for the PoS accord algorithm, the DPoS or their equivalents. The cardinal of nodes breeding and acceptance blocks is acutely baby (21 or 27). They are called by developers and businesses, but they are not acceptable widespread. The masses appetite decentralization. People do not appetite to depend on trust.

The technology of TERA accustomed for accumulation these two advantages because it accomplished aberrant speeds on the PoW consensus, namely 1000 affairs per second. Speeds can already be added to 1 actor affairs per additional due to the appliance of the unique, proprietary sharding technology. The cardinal of block producers has already accomplished 2024. TERA is a decentralized and scalable technology that the blockchain industry has been cat-and-mouse for.

Decentralization is the adoration of the project.

As the capital developer and architect of the TERA project, Yuri Ivanov said:

Decentralization is the capital idea that gave bearing to blockchain technology. We charge not lose it. It cannot be exchanged for abandoned promises of increases in the acceleration of the arrangement in barter for confiscation by several nodes that authority the appropriate to actualize blocks and their censorship.”

At the aforementioned time, TERA created ideal altitude for developers of decentralized applications and services. Smart affairs (Backend) are actuality created in the best acclaimed and broadly acclimated programming accent – JavaScript. Frontend DAPPs are additionally actuality created in the aforementioned language. Transactions in the TERA arrangement are completely free, and the affairs cipher and appliance abstracts are stored central the blockchain, which makes them absolutely decentralized.

In fact, this agency the bearing of a new Internet WEB 3.0 era. Anyone can actualize a micro-service or a ample activity on a decentralized network.

The TERA belvedere is a new operating ambiance for this internet, acting as its new protocol. Therefore, the activity aggregation can accommodate all startups with the adeptness of bearing such decentralized applications on demand, their adaptation, auditing and consulting. The activity invites all businessmen and developers of DAPPs to try out this new reliable and actual fast decentralized network.

At the moment, this is a active and absolutely alive arrangement with about 2024 nodes all over the world, which, by the way, are affianced in mining the centralized TERA bread on processors with anamnesis optimization. This allows any user of a claimed computer to become a miner. TERA is already trading on a cardinal of exchanges. You can additionally become its owner.


The artefact is ready, but there are a cardinal of acute additions in the roadmap that will added enhance the technology. Namely, DHT storage of abstracts on the nodes of the arrangement and sharding that allows users to actualize TERA blockchain clones, but abide allotment of one accepted network. This will ensure a multi-fold access in arrangement speeds.

TERA did not go for an ICO, an IEO or added advance adopting events. The aggregation artlessly created a working, accepted artefact and is now accessible to be alien to the accessible at large.

Here are some of the characteristics and blueprint of the technology:


Consensus: PoW
Algorithm: Terahash (sha3 Optimize RAM hashing)
Total supply: 1 billion
Block size: 130 KB
Pre-mine: 5%
Development fund: 1% of the mining amount
Block bearing time: 1 second
Block acceptance time: 5-8 seconds
Speed: from 1000 affairs per second
Commission: chargeless of allegation
Cryptography: sha3, secp256k1
Protection adjoin DDoS: PoW (hash calculation)
Platform: Node.JS
Smart Contracts: JavaScript
Let us congratulate the activity with its aboriginal anniversary. Happy Birthday, TERA!

Details about the project:
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