Minter Network: Taking the Cryptocurrency Market a Step Further

Minter Network: Taking the Cryptocurrency Market a Step Further

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Cryptocurrencies and tokens akin are like any added market. Money flows in as bodies acquisition the charge to barter their crypto assets for added crypto assets or authorization currencies. So, brainstorm a blockchain amplitude that allows its users to actualize their own tokens at will and facilitate the alteration and barter of these bill for added bill issued in the aforementioned network. Furthermore, users can additionally barter their bill for Bitcoin, Ether, or alike USD. The absolute action is alive limitlessly and instantly. Brainstorm the next-generation cryptocurrencies. Enter Minter.

The Next-Generation Cryptocurrencies

Developed by a aggregation of awful accomplished blockchain professionals, Minter—a blockchain arrangement basic from the better Russian-speaking crypto Telegram association DeCenter—is advised for accustomed use, advancement complete clamminess while actual an intermediary-free network.

The Minter Network will accomplish the real-world charge for a fast, efficient, and dependable average of exchange.

To accomplish that goal, the Minter Network will actualize a new cryptocurrency, BIP. BIP, which stands for Blockchain Instant Payment, is a key architecture point to accomplishing Minter’s vision, alongside addition key ingredient, bread minting. The next-generation cryptocurrencies will accord a continued appendage of amount providers, including bounded businesses, agreeable creators, and association leaders, the adeptness to affair their own BIP-backed coins.

Fulfilling the Real-World Need for a Fast, Efficient, and Dependable Medium of Exchange

Every bread will accept BIP amount at any accustomed time, and users will be able to barter them for added bill issued in the Minter Network as able-bodied as above cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. The project’s acknowledged aggregation is currently alive on a framework that will acquiesce for the barter of BIP and added Minter-based bill for authorization currencies such as USD.

On the Minter Network, affairs will booty 5 sec for completion, with fees lower than USD .01, as able-bodied as burning and complete clamminess (any bread changeable for BTC and ETH and after GRAM and USD) for all of the bill issued in the network.

At the moment, the activity already has a absolutely anatomic testnet, a Telegram bot wallet, an Android wallet, an iOS wallet, and the Console, enabling users to accelerate and accept bill in the environments they are best acclimated to.

The First Blockchain Project to Integrate with Telegram Open Network (TON)

The Minter Network uses Telegram Passport for their KYC, and Telegram apparent it on their official website. Telegram Passport is aimed at user character verification. Minter became the aboriginal blockchain activity to absolutely absorb the account for anecdotic its investors. Thanks to Telegram Passport, achievement of the KYC action takes alone a few minutes, and that’s aloof the beginning.

During the advance of integration with TON, Minter will accredit its users to alteration any bread issued in the arrangement to the TON blockchain. Besides, the bread alteration affection will let Minter use acute affairs of the TON. The account alleged TON Payments will acquiesce users to accelerate and accept micropayments in Minter-based bill application the Lightning Network. It will be actual advantageous for businesses that accept to generally transact in baby amounts (for instance, an ad account charging for anniversary view).

The Bonus Program

Currently, Minter is alms a 25-percent benefit to all the users who top up their antithesis until October 19th, 2018, 19:00 UTC. If you accept already deposited the funds to your annual or plan to do so until this Friday, again you’ll accept a 25-percent benefit on all of your deposits. Regardless of whether you participate anon or through a pool, a 25-percent benefit will be activated for anniversary of your transactions!

After the official launch, Minter affairs to authority the better airdrop in Telegram’s history—in total, users will accept about 1,000 BTC account of BIP and added Minter-issued coins. The befalling to participate and get bonuses is accessible alone to users who sign up afore October 31st, 2018.