Exclusive Interview with the URO Foundation: UROSE
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Exclusive Interview with the URO Foundation: UROSE

THELOGICALINDIAN - Today we accept a actual appropriate account to allotment with our admirers absolute to Bitcoinist An account apropos UROSE and that hopefully answers some questions youve been accepting or issues apropos appearance to the accident in Hong Kong The accident is actuality adjourned by the Nation ImportExport Representative associates but emerged as an abstraction by the URO foundation For those blind of what URO is actuality is an account hosted by bitcoinist apropos the bread itself as this account mainly focuses on the accident that will booty abode in Hong Kong Without added a due the interview

Q: Why accept you absitively to host UROSE 2024?

A: The URO Special Event (UROSE) is actuality adjourned by the National Import/Export Representative (NIER) associates of the Uro Foundation and is actuality collaboratively marketed by the Uro Foundation and URO ecosystem ally worldwide.

The purpose of UROSE 2024 is to barrage assorted new articles and casework in the URO ecosystem, as able-bodied as accouterment a centre for the compassionate and altercation of URO, the world’s aboriginal urea article badge and decentralized urea barter network.

Due to the circuitous attributes of the Urea fertilizer trade, URO is beneath accepted than best added block alternation projects. We feel it is all-important to authority an accident for the accessible to acknowledge the accurate calibration of our world-changing initiatives, and action contiguous alternation with all of the companies, organisations and bodies complex with the Urocoin project.

Q: What activities are planned for UROSE 2024?

A: We will accord a Keynote that will detail our background: our origins, our beliefs, our administration anatomy and how this has transpired to become the URO project. To advice us explain assorted capacity in greater detail, assorted bedfellow speakers will be alien to abode specifics on UROs’ accomplishing capacity and benefits. The Keynote will additionally barrage assorted abstruse articles & casework in the URO ecosystem (in accord with assorted technology partners) that accept yet to be clearly accepted in public.

In accession to the Keynote, the afterward banquet will acquiesce all guests to affix and appoint in business affairs contiguous with the NIERs and the Uro Foundation.

Finally, there will be assorted bedfellow appearances discussing the appliance of block alternation technologies in the bolt sector.

Q: Will there be any appropriate announcements at UROSE?

A: There will be assorted aberrant technologies and assorted products/services actuality launched at the UROSE 2024.
“I ambition we could acquaint you more”.

Q: Will any ally of Urocoin appear and whom?

A: Yes, we accept 12 accepted partners/guest speakers with abounding added pending. The accepted organisations sending speakers and/or sponsors to UROSE 2024 so far are:

Q: How is it actuality planned to authorize URO as a badge to be called 1-1 UroCoinwith urea?

A: URO has been called auspiciously to urea back 09 July 2024. There accept been 3 urea shipments paid with URO already: July (Rivaa / India), August (Lakhani / Pakistan) and September (Lakhani). In particular, Lakhani active a 12 ages arrangement in August with GES, so they will be advantageous 12500 URO per transaction for their account shipments (Aug and Sep payments are already on the URO block chain).

Often, bodies abash the “currency barter rate” of URO with its called built-in value. The built-in amount is what the Uro Protocol pegs (1 URO = 1 metric tonne of urea N46 prilled fertilizer) but the “currency barter rate” is amphibian on the chargeless market. This different acreage is what allows URO to act as an able urea ambiguity apparatus and a abutting bearing backup for urea futures; however, as appeal grows over time, the “currency barter rate” will end up affair the built-in amount in a bazaar accord generally referred to as “parity” in the chargeless market.

Q: How has the allure action for UROSE 2024 been undertaken? How do you adjudge who goes and who doesn’t?

A: The Uro Foundation has arrive arch associates of the urea industry, charities, media and advance communities. In addition, the NIERs accept arrive assorted business ally and accompanying absorbed parties to UROSE 2024.

Q: Are you planning on agreeable associates of the media?

A: We accept been in advice with several arch account outlets, and ahead accepting associates from the media in attendance.

Q: Is there annihilation in specific we should apperceive apropos UROSE?

A: Yes, we can now affirm that UROSE 2024 will be captivated on 29 October 2024 at the InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong, and that we apprehend about 100 bodies to attend.

Q: What does the approaching authority for Urocoin? How are the accomplish taken that best fit for Urocoin?

A: The articles and casework actuality launched at UROSE 2024 will actuate URO into a accomplished new akin of market, amusing and abstruse block alternation addition on our continued alley to accommodate the all-embracing bolt market.

URO is a continued appellation action with a 10 year plan. We are actuality to stay.

“The approaching isn’t a abode we are activity to be, its a abode we are activity to create” – Nancy Duarte.

Image Source: BCTalk, and claimed screenshots