Exclusive Q&A with Voidspace: MMORPG with Dogecoin Intergration!
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Exclusive Q&A with Voidspace: MMORPG with Dogecoin Intergration!

THELOGICALINDIAN - Man my job abiding is alarming First I got to allocution Chris Higgins a above being abaft Coined as able-bodied as an columnist for Mental Floss Today I allocution to Nikolas Gauvreau architect of the activity and Kickstarter

Taken from the Kickstarter, VoidSpace is a twitch-based MMORPG set in a sandboxed apple alleged The Void that you can comedy on any avant-garde accretion device. The top-down appearance is agnate to Escape Velocity Nova except you are not on your own, you are arena with bags of added players worldwide. However, it is the apparatus arrangement that absolutely sets the bold afar from all others.

Another absorbing affection is that it takes advantage  of HTML 5, acceptation that the bold can be played about on annihilation that supports a avant-garde day browser. This allows you to go from your PC to your animate (the ones that abutment HTML 5) to alike your phone.  If they absolutely attach this affection on the head, this will be a aboriginal of its kind; a bold with this abundant affiliation would be arena shattering.

The added I attending at this activity the added I get aflame for it. And the blooming to top it all off? Dogecoin integration, and the catechism that’s bustling in your arch “Why Dogecoin?” popped in my arch too; it will be answered at a after time.

Here’s a bivouac of the bold which sums up the bold absolutely well, taken from the Kickstarter page.

[kickstarter id=”2078503895/voidspace” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

And now time for the Q&A!

History of Development?

I absitively I would be authoritative this bold 16 (almost 17) years ago back I was 16 years old. Back I was 21 years old, I bethink accepting thought/design sessions for a all-encompassing multiplayer simulation framework with my acquaintance (who was a comp-sci above at the time). This was the alpha of the architecture for a framework which we now use and alarm the “Simulation and Networking Framework”. Up until my 30s, I still advised myself in “learning mode” area I was still aggravating to amount out absolutely which technologies to use for the activity (and acquirements them), but the day I angry 30, I acquainted like I was ready. I alone all added projects and focused alone on the Universe Activity proper. In the aboriginal days, I formed out some basal frameworks including the Html5 cartoon engine, the Atmosphere-based asynchronous communications framework (for client-server communications through a browser after application flash). I additionally originally started application Hypertable for the database, which fit altogether for the designs I had in mind, but eventually confused to appengine and Datastore. I additionally formed appealing heavily on assorted editors for the activity as well, some aspects are still in use today.

More recently, aural the aftermost brace years, I had the advantage of accepting a adolescent accomplice (Paul Korepanov) advice me with the activity for a cardinal of months as we bootstrapped the activity together. And about 6 months later, Oskar Stangenberg was disturbing it up in the ODP (Open Development Program; it’s the open-source aspect that allows bodies to accord to genitalia of the project) and he was clearly arrive into amount development. He has been coding with me anytime since.

2.Future Development plans?

I do accept big affairs for the Cosmos Project, they are absolutely a bit bigger than best bodies think. Bodies usually anticipate the end ambition is the “survival-planet” game, but I absolutely accede that to be aloof addition step. In reality, I appetite to be creating Cosmos Project amateur that chase the Cosmos Project aesthetics for the blow of my life. I brainstorm creating all altered worlds that use the Cosmos Engine from a Star Wars universe, to a Firefly universe, to a Bold of Thrones universe, or alike a crank apocalypse (this one interests me absolutely a bit actually).

3. Why Dogecoin?

He was assured this question, so he promptly gave me the FAQ on the beef greenlight located here. Which I will do the aforementioned unto you.

Here is a video of him talking about Dogecoin affiliation taken from the Kickstarter page. Note the video does allocution about added topics, so if you aloof appetite to apprehend about Dogecoin integration, skip to about 2:15 on the video.

[youtube id=”fRQzhctVV84″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]

4. Do you authority the Dogecoin, catechumen to BTC, fiat, etc.

I try to authority Dogecoin and back I get BTC, I usually catechumen to Doge. I’d additionally like to advance the action for a abstraction I alarm a “net-positive” Dogecoin business.

A net-positive Dogecoin business does the following:

5. Do you pay advisers and/or casework in cryptocurrency?

Not yet, but we will abiding try back the time comes! Probably the actual aboriginal use of the Dogecoin we accept now will be in announcement area we will use Dogecoin as an incentive

6.Anything you would like to be included accurately in the article?

We are aggravating to ability the #1 top atom in our Greenlight campaign, we are currently #74 (which agency we will be greenlit in the abutting accumulation due in a brace weeks). We anticipate it will be absurd publicity for Dogecoin and for VoidSpace to be in the top atom back the abutting accumulation of amateur are greenlit. If you could accommodate the greenlight page, as able-bodied as our Kickstarter, that would be fantastic!

As Nik requested, actuality are the greenlight and Kickstarter folio for added information.