Execoin is the first to release open-source wallet with stealth addresses support
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Execoin is the first to release open-source wallet with stealth addresses support

THELOGICALINDIAN - Execoin httpexecoinnet the fast ASICresistant crypto bill proudly presents the aboriginal opensource Electrum wallet with stealth addresses technology After months of accelerated development the Execoin aggregation has appear its own opensource accomplishing of stealth addresses technology based on the ElectrumEXE wallet httpelectrumexeorgstealth Unlike proprietary closedsource stealth acquittal solutions currently accessible on the bazaar the ElectrumEXE cipher can be audited in adjustment to accomplish abiding that there are no aegis vulnerabilities or advised backdoors Integration of Electrum wallet and stealth payments provides different appearance and offers added aegis believability and accessibility for acquittal affairs ElectrumEXE wallet now active the band of Execoins SPV wallets Exelite and Android adaptable wallet and will be a abject for a newer adaptable Android wallet with stealth affairs support

Privacy: stealth affairs and Electrum wallet are bigger together.

What are stealth payments?

Execoin’s stealth technology is different because it is chip with the new Electrum-EXE wallet to add alike added reliability, aegis and accessibility to stealth payments. In addition, Execoin’s Electrum-EXE is the aboriginal open-source absolutely anatomic wallet with stealth addresses support. While aegis of application proprietary closed-source stealth payments’ solutions may be questioned, open-source Electrum-EXE wallet with stealth addresses cipher can be audited anytime.

Improved reliability. It allows you to restore stealth addresses from a distinct catchword byword that you can acquire or address on a allotment of paper. If you accomplish a mistake, you will never lose your data; your wallet and your bill are deeply adequate in a way that accustomed wallets artlessly cannot provide! And you don’t need to accomplish approved backups of your wallet data!

Amazing speed. Execoin is a fast bread and affairs are performed quickly. However, any wallet applicant needs a cogent bulk of time to accompany with the blockchain. This time is far beneath for a failing wallet like Exelite but it still takes several account afore it’s accessible to use. With Electrum-EXE you can do stealth affairs anon afterwards launch, no added delays!

Freedom of access. You can admission your wallet and accomplish stealth affairs from any computer area Electrum-EXE is installed, back you can cautiously restore your wallet on any computer application your abstruse byword after physically affective your data! This operation is actually secure; no clandestine keys are stored on servers.

Highest aegis level. Electrum-EXE allows you to breach your wallet into an offline “cold storage” wallet which contains your clandestine keys and an online “view only” wallet that alone contains your attainable keys. Your Execoins are actually adequate by your clandestine keys in the offline wallet on a abstracted computer that never connects to the Internet, and appropriately are not attainable for hackers’ attacks.

What advantages does the Execoin stealth technology accord to users and merchants?

Electrum-EXE with Stealth allows merchants to accumulate their aloofness while still accepting EXE payments and bread transfers. In addition, it provides the accomplished akin of aegis and aegis from adventitious abstracts loss. It’s accessible to use anon afterwards launch, so you don’t charge to wait, and can accomplish stealth payments immediately. Merchants can calmly add Execoin abutment to their acquittal systems application coinpayments.net or a one-click band-aid provided by C-CEX. Together with Execoin’s fast transactions, this makes EXE a absolute acquittal apparatus for accustomed transactions.



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The Execoin development aggregation has abounding goals to advance Execoin and accomplish it alike better. We’re consistently alive on new features, implementing new technologies, and absolution added added avant-garde wallet clients. An amend is in the works that will absolutely alter the Kimoto Gravity Well adversity retarget algorithm. KGW has vulnerability, is too processor-intensive, and slows bottomward the wallets; additionally there will be measures implemented to accomplish Execoin an alike added attenuate coin, and to antithesis bread assembly depending on the net hashrate. Our aggregation is additionally alive on porting CarbonWallet to Execoin.  In addition, we are activity to actualize our own JS wallets for adaptable accessories (iOS and Android) with stealth affairs support.