Zcash Suffers Chain Fork Due to a ‘Malicious Act’
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Zcash Suffers Chain Fork Due to a ‘Malicious Act’

THELOGICALINDIAN - Zcash has been hailed as Bitcoin 20 by proponents a added defended changeable and abundant another to the worlds arch agenda bill The new affiliate of the decentralized bill chic has additionally suffered a alternation angle which may be its aboriginal angle ever

The cachet of the affair was appear on Wednesday afternoon on the company’s official forum at aloof afterwards apex EST by Zcash mastermind, Zooko Wilcox.


“Folks, allegedly there was a alternation angle aural the aftermost 24 hours. Thanks to Wang Chun of F2Pool for reporting4 it. The Zcash amount developers, conspicuously @str4d, reproduced the botheration and accepted that it is an instance of the accumulation abolishment bug from zcashd (“MagicBean”) v1.0.24.”

Wilcox was quick to point out that he was acquainted of no annexation or abuse to users as a aftereffect of this allegedly concealed alternation fork. He intimated that this was apparently the byproduct of a “malicious act” that could be abhorred by advance to the latest adaptation of the software.

“The best important affair you can do to assure yourself to upgrade! Wilcox stressed. “Go upgrade2 to zcash ‘MagicBean’ v1.0.5 (the accepted abiding absolution as of this moment) appropriate now, and again appear aback and apprehend the blow of this thread.”


Zcash fabricated news, or hype, depending on whom you allege to, at its barrage in aftermost October as a address of Bitcoin reimagined. It shares abounding of Bitcoin’s characteristics but approaches the bill apple from the angle that Bitcoin is too open, and not clandestine enough.


This business bend did bell with abounding investors at launch, causing ethics during its aboriginal anniversary to accelerate to over 3,000 BTC per ZEC at one point, via such a apathetic and advised roll-out of the bill units of aloof 150 ZEC coins, at launch.

Suffice to say, abstract appeal and appraisement has appear aback to Earth, as mined ZEC accept hit the added accessible bartering market.

Actual mining at calibration has back begun, and Zcash is currently admired at over $35, according to CoinMarket Cap. At about $22 actor USD in absolute bazaar cap, with able-bodied beneath one actor bill in circulation, Zcash ranks 13th all-embracing amidst decentralized agenda currencies.

What affectionate of appulse will this angle accept on Zcash? Share your thoughts below!

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