25% Cosmos (ATOM) Rally Could Send This Popular Altcoin Flying
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25% Cosmos (ATOM) Rally Could Send This Popular Altcoin Flying

THELOGICALINDIAN - Cosmos ATOM has been on a arresting assemblage over the accomplished few canicule in animosity of the amount of Bitcoin blockage and absolutely ability a bearish changeabout The accepted altcoin has acquired 25 in the accomplished 24 hours abandoned ambience a new alltime aerial price

Analysts say the assemblage in the amount of this altcoin could activate a billow in the amount of addition accepted altcoin, Algorand (ALGO).

Cosmos Gain Could Send Algorand Higher: Here’s Why

Analysts accept that Cosmos’ advancing assemblage could set off a assemblage in Algorand, addition cryptocurrency. One banker shared the blueprint beneath on August 23rd, cartoon absorption to the similarities on the charts. The assay suggests that ALGO is abreast to billow to a new high, acceptable aloft $1.00 if it is to chase the aisle Cosmos took.

Both archive accept agnate abstruse formations, including similarly-positioned affective averages and an eerily agnate centralized trend line.


The similarities amid the two cryptocurrencies were echoed by addition trader, who said that he’s “going to see if ALGO follows ATOM a bit.”

Altcoins May Take the Backseat

Altcoins like Cosmos may anon booty the backseat, though, abnormally with Bitcoin extensive a cardinal point in its trend.

Volatility is accepted with the amount of BTC as the Bollinger Bands tighten. The bands are a abstruse indicator acclimated to denote bazaar animation and important abstruse levels.

Analysts say that back Bitcoin is ability volatility, altcoins are declared to booty the backseat due to broker psychology.

Mohit Sorout, a founding accomplice of Bitazu Capital, remarked to NewsBTC;

“Most (altcoin) cycles in crypto are centered about bitcoin volatility. When it dries up, no one wants to barter btc which becomes axiomatic from the aggregate as well. This leads to a ample uptick in belief on alts, active their prices up – about alts with able narratives & ample calibration memetic behavior get the best volumes.”

As Nik Patel, a accepted crypto banker and the columnist of “Altcoin Trader’s Handbook,” echoed this analysis. He said that Bitcoin may beat altcoins until the asset moves to a new best aerial aloft $20,000.