Exodus Wallet Now Has Built-in ShapeShift Trading

Exodus Wallet Now Has Built-in ShapeShift Trading

THELOGICALINDIAN - Exodus the multiasset wallet with a able architecture and account accent now includes ShapeShift builtin This allows users to barter amid blockchain assetswithout abrogation the wallet app

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In-App Trading

ShapeShift.io appear the move on October 5, adage it had formed with Exodus back backward 2015 to accommodate its API.

Exodus users can advance balances in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. The developers say they are alive to accommodate added assets in the future.

Exodus ShapeShift Exchange

ShapeShift currently supports trading amid 38 crypto tokens and currencies. Moreover, it does not crave user accounts, allotment or any affectionate of identification — a affection abounding acquisition attractive.

Daniel Castagnoli, Exodus arch artistic officer, said:

Exodus’ Design Focus

Looking at Exodus’ website and advisory material, it’s bright the aggregation is absorption its efforts on architecture and usability.

The aggregation says its bureaucracy action is simpler than any added Bitcoin or crypto wallet — reportedly accessible to use as anon as the app starts. A pie-chart-like diagram at the centermost shows a user’s absolute portfolio, and anniversary token’s proportional value.

However, users charge accept a antithesis of some affectionate to advancement their keys. Private keys are stored locally on anniversary user’s device, but balances are about recoverable alike if a accessory is lost.

Users can balance balances via Exodus’ automatic advancement email system, or by recording their accretion byword (like added HD wallets). Exodus additionally requires countersign protection, and it’s acute users bethink them.

ShapeShift CEO and architect Erik Voorhees, who incidentally was Exodus’ aboriginal investor, accepted the app’s design.

“Exodus has to be the best admirable cryptocurrency wallet anytime made,” he said. “It’s one of those articles you try already and instantly see the magic.”

Founders Castagnoli and J.P. Richardson aboriginal started developing Departure in mid-2015. The two are huge cryptocurrency proponents, adage they authority over 90 percent of their claimed abundance in crypto assets of some kind, and additionally pay all contractors in the same.

Wallets Becoming More Sophisticated

Exodus is in several means agnate to Jaxx, addition multi-asset HD wallet. Jaxx additionally features ShapeShift integration, and additionally has iOS and Android apps. For now, Exodus is accessible alone on Windows, MacOS and Linux desktops.

ShapeShift launched in 2013, and appear Voorhees as its buyer in aboriginal 2015. In April 2016, it suffered a $230,000 theft Voorhees claimed was an central job. However, the aggregation alternate anon and charcoal in business, with no barter accident money.

Blockchain admirers can apprehend added antagonism in this amplitude as time goes on, as software developers hunt added mainstream, non-technical enthusiasts — who additionally like added able features. The clunky, bare-bones bitcoin wallets of the accomplished are a abroad anamnesis as users embrace multi-asset, decentralized utilities.

Are you an Exodus user? Will you become one, with this affection added? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

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